GhostChant’s Laid To Rest E.P. is a tantalising taste of his debut album Sincerity, which will be released in the spring of 2014. Laid To Rest  is also a showcase for one of Britain’s best up-and-coming producers, GhostChant. Joe Cornell, man behind GhostChant, is a remixer and producer whose production skills are highly sought after. So are GhostChant’s DJ-ing skills.

Initially, GhostChant made his name in his hometown of Liverpool. GhostChant provided the soundtrack to the city’s best parties. Best known for his fusion of trippy, lysergic, futuristic garage and bass heavy, deep house GhostChant’s guaranteed to get the party started. That’s why recently, GhostChant’s been DJ-ing further afield. Los Angeles, Beijing and New Delhi have been won over by GhostChant. 

During the last few years, GhostChant has won over audiences at some of the biggest festivals and opened for a whole host of artists. This included an appearance at SoundCity Festival, plus opening for Maribou State, Slow Magic, Giraffage and Dirty Beaches. Then at the GIT Awards, GhostChant, accompanied by The Sense Of Sound choir, orchestrated a barnstorming live remix of Jetta’s Start A Riot at the GIT Awards. Onlookers who were aghast at this mesmeric performance, wondering what GhostChant was capable of within a studio? Now they get the opportunity to discover what the multitalented GhostChant is capable of.

Laid To Rest was chosen as the lead single from GhostChant’s debut album Sincerity. The Laid To Rest E.P. features the LP version, plus three remixes. This includes the Banga Tang Remix, Chimpo Remix and Kolectiv Remix. These three remixes of Laid To Remix bring new life and meaning to the original, which I’ll tell you about. 

Over five-minutes, Laid To Rest reveals a myriad of secrets. GhostChant has surprises in store. The first is the unmistakable sound of worn, crispy vinyl. This grabs your attention. GhostChant adds deliberate, plucked strings, drum ‘n’ bass drums and a heartfelt, questioning vocal. It’s akin to an outpouring of hurt and heartache. All the time, space is left within the arrangement. As drums crack, strings are plucked and the vocal echoes and soars dramatically. At the perfect moment, GhostChant adds dancing strings, sci-fi synths. They play in important part in the arrangement, buzzing and beeping as they drive the arrangement along. Soulful, heartfelt, dramatic, moody and innovative, it’s a tantalising taste of GhostChant’s debut album Sincerity.

As for the other remixes of Laid To Rest, they all bring something new to the track. The Banga Tang Remix is dance-floor friendly, dubby and moody. Echo, filters and hip hop scratches are added, transforming parts of the original track, but at the same time, staying true to the original. 

The Chimpo Remix is very different from the Banga Tang Remix. It might be dark and edgy, but it’s guaranteed to light up any dance-floor. A mixture house, techno and electronica, it’s the best of the three remixes, transforming Laid To Rest into a pulsating, anthemic dance track.

Kolectiv is the last remixer to remix Laid To Rest. Again, the Kolectiv Remix transforms the original. It becomes a slice of moody, minimalist Gothic electronica, where trip hop, drum ‘n’ bass, soul and techno are thrown into the melting pot by Kolectiv. Add to that a myriad of beeps and squeaks, and the result is glorious pot pourri of musical influences.

The three remixers take Laid To Rest in ways that I’m sure even GhostChant never imagined. Tthree tracks all offer something imaginative, inventive and innovative. It never ceases to amaze me how remixers can produce something new and vibrant from the same stems. To be able to do that, they deserve the utmost credit. It’s good to hear a new breed of remixers getting the opportunity to remix high profile tracks. For me, it makes a change from the same old faces producing the same predictable remixes. This new breed of gunslingers who remixed Laid To Rest, are the future of remixing. As for GhostChant, he looks like enjoying a successful career.

Laid To Rest E.P. is a tantalizing taste of GhostChant’s debut album Sincerity, which will be released in the spring of 2014. It’s also a showcase for one of Britain’s best up-and-coming producers, GhostChant. Joe Cornell, man behind GhostChant, is one of a new generation of producers. His remixing and production skills are highly sought after. So too will his debut E.P. Laid To Rest, which will soon be released by BBE Music. 

If the rest of GhostChant’s debut album Sincerity is as good as Laid To Rest, then Sincerity will be an album to cherish. Until then, you can enjoy Laid To Rest, the perfect primer to GhostChant, an innovative, inventive and groundbreaking DJ, remixer and producer, whose raison d’etre is to create the music of the future, today.


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