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JACKIE WILSON-NYC 1961-1966. 1957 was a landmark year in Jackie Wilson’s career. That’s when Jackie Wilson left Billy Ward and His Dominoes, to embark upon a solo career. Previously, Jackie Wilson had spent four years with Billy Ward and His Dominoes. He was only nineteen when he joined Billy Ward and His Dominoes in 1953. Already Jackie …

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THE CHI-LITES-TOBY. Often an album fails to do as well as it should’ve commercially, because of a lack of promotion and advertising. This is almost becoming a recurring theme for readers of this blog. When Stax was heading towards insolvency, albums like Shirley Brown’s Woman To Woman suffered this fate, while DJ Rogers believed his …

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THE CHI-LITES -THE CHI-LITES. The early seventies were a great time for anyone who loved soul music. It seemed that during that period, labels throughout America were consistently producing some fantastic music. Several cities had successful labels, all of which were releasing both critically acclaimed and commercially successful music. This seemed to be the case …

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