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Masahiko Sato-Kayobi No Onna. Label: Mitsuko and Svetlana Records. By 1969, Tokyo-born composer and pianist Masahiko Sato about to turn twenty-nine, and had been a professional musician since he was seventeen. He had started out accompanying magicians, singers and strippers in a cabaret in Ginza, a district of Tokyo. Now eleven years later he had …

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IMPULSE! 1961-1974 BOX SET.

IMPULSE! 1961-1974 BOX SET. In 1955, the American Broadcasting Company decided the time was right to diversify into the record business. So on June 14th 1955 as Am-Par Record Corporation was incorporated. Samuel H. Clark became the Am-Par Record Corporation’s first president. He oversaw the birth of what would become one of the biggest record companies …

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ENNIO MORRICONE-MORRICONE IN COLOUR. Probably the most prolific, highest profile and best respected film composer of the past sixty years, is Ennio Morricone. He has written over five-hundred soundtracks. These soundtracks cover every possible genre of film. Mention his name to many people, and they’ll associate Ennio Morricone with the soundtracks he scored for Sergio …

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