The one thing about music is that now and again you discover new talent, someone that you have never heard before, someone that you just know should have a great future in front of them. However, we all know about the strange vagaries of the music industry, and how that sometimes real talent fails to shine through, that great artists do not get the breaks or commercial success that they deserver. Today though, is an exciting one for me, because I like belive  that I have found a great up and coming artist.  Her name is Alicia Fina, but her she goes under the name of Feina. I do not know much about Feina yet, apart from what I was able to glean from her myspace page and from what I learnt there, Feina is from Arizona, and is in her own words, “an aspiring pop artist”, and has written the first four songs on her playlist.

So I hear you ask, what is special about Feina? Well when I listened to her songs on her myspace page I was impressed by Feina’s fantastic voice, the freshness of her sound and the quality of her songwriting. Feina’s songs are a mixture of her own songs and cover versions. The first song I listened to Bad Character has a lovely sound, new and fresh and Feina’s voice carries the song beautifully. She is fortunate to have a backing band that compliments her voice. The second song It’s Over has a lovely retro sound. This sound has a new-wave feel to and apart from her great voice, what makes the sound on this track is the drumming, which sits prominently in the mix. It is a really catchy pop song and one that has a lovely summer feel to it. The next song Circles, is a tremendous song, and is one that I can really see having potential to be picked up by a record label as Feina performs the song really well, and is ably assisted by a tight backing band. This song has real crossover appeal that I can see appealing to all ages. Feina’s voice and sound reminds me of so many different female artists ranging from Astrid to Annie Barker and Katy Perry to Debbie Harry. 

Space Anomaly the next track is an instrumental and has a very different sound to the previous tracks. The song consists of keyboards and synths playing and this has a slight feel of techno and even dare i say it, prog-rock. But don’t let that put you off, it is an interesting departure and well worth listening to.

The next track Last Regrets (“Acoustic Fan Dub”) is an absolute standout track. It is a beautiful acoustic track where Feina’s voice really shines. The lyrics are beautiful and Feina is just accompanied by an acoustic guitar, which is played really well. This is her best track and should she chose to record more songs like this, would have a good future in front of her. For Fruits Basket “(Acoustic Cover”) is the next track and is in the same vain as the previous track. It showcases Feina’s voice beautifully, and I would love to hear her record more songs like this.

We R Who We R is the next track and is a cover version of the Kesha track. This  is a departure from the previous two tracks and is more like the earlier tracks. However, Feina carries the song off well and shows how versatile she can be. When you listen to the original song I actually prefer Feina’s version. The final track California Gurls, like the previous song is another cover version. This time we have  a cover of a Katy Perry song, but Feina sings the song well and is ably accompanied by her backing band. Again, she has produced a good version of this song, and it would be great if Feina could have even a fraction of the success of Katy Perry.

Having listened several times to Feina’s songs I am impressed, very impressed. I have spent the last couple of hours just listening to her music and Feina’s talent is unmistakable. As yet, she is not signed to a record label, but has recorded a demo. I thinks she has real talent and it would be a shame if she is not given a chance. She is obviously a very talented singer and songwriter, and I can see the tracks It’s Over and Circles appealing to a wide range of people. However, for me the standout track are Last Regrets and For Fruits Basket. They showcase a talented singer and songwriter, Feina.


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