The one thing about music is that now and again you discover new talent, someone that you have never heard before, someone that you just know should have a great future in front of them. However, we all know about the strange vagaries of the music industry, and how that sometimes real talent fails to shine through, that great artists do not get the breaks or commercial success that they deserver. That is often the case with  “an aspiring pop artist” like Feina.

Feina’s songs are a mixture of her own songs and cover versions. The first song Bad Character has a new and fresh and Feina’s voice carries the song reasonaby well.It’s Over has a retro, new-wave, sound, while Circles has potential. The instrumental Space Anomaly has a very different sound to the previous tracks. Last Regrets (“Acoustic Fan Dub”) and Fruits Basket “(Acoustic Cover”) are similar sounding songs. 

We R Who We R is  a rasonabele cover version of the Kesha track The final track California Gurls, is a decent cover version. 

 As yet,Feina  is not signed to a record label, but has recorded a demo. It’s too soon to say whether she is a star of the future.




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