Back in October 2012, DJ Vadim released his tenth solo album Don’t Be Scared on BBE Music. Don’t Be Scared saw the return of one of hip hop’s true innovators. Three years after DJ Vadim’s previous release for BBE Music, 2009s Like U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun, one of hip hop’s veterans was back, and still as relevant. Mind you, DJ Vadim has spent twenty years in music, DJ-ed in sixty-nine countries, played over 2,500 times and released nine previous albums. Not only is he one of hip hop’s veterans, but he’s one of the genre’s innovators.

Like U Can’t Lurn Imaginashun, Don’t Be Scared was a fusion of styles, influences and ideas. Still, DJ Vadim was constantly pushing the musical boundaries and reinventing his music. Nobody could accuse DJ Vadim of being predictable. While other artists have a “sound” and “style,” not DJ Vadim. His only rule is there are no rules. Everything and anything is possible. Although he describes his music as hip hop, DJ Vadim adds to his musical melting pot elements of electronica, funk, reggae, soul, trip hop, Afro Beat and boogie. So when you drop the needle on a DJ Vadim album, you’re about to embark on a roller-coaster journey where he reveals the contents of his musical melting pot. That’s why DJ Vadim is an innovator and why he was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2002. He’s known as the John Coltrane of hip hop. With this unrivaled music pedigree, DJ Vadim’s album Don’t Be Scared was a roller coaster journey across musical genres. 

One of the many highlights of Don’t Be Scared was I’m Feelin’ U, which featured the soulful strains of Essex’s number one soul singer Greg Blackman. I’m Feelin’ U is the second single to be released from Don’t Be Scared, and will be released on January 14th 2013. However, it isn’t just the original version of I’m Feelin’ U which features on DJ Vadim’s forthcoming single. There’s also the Radio Version of I’m Feelin’ U, plus a might five remixes.

Each remix takes the original version of I’m Feelin’ U, and transforms it. They use as building blocks, the original version. This means crispy, galloping drumbeats, shimmering and jaggy synths and Greg Blackman’s impassioned, powerful and deeply soulful voice. Set against a backdrop of scratches, washes and stabs of synths that squeak and beep old school style it’s a compelling, innovative track, as you’d expect from DJ Vadim. Then there’s sirens, sound effects and crunchy drums aplenty. They provide the finishing touches to the track. What really makes this upbeat, uptempo track, is Greg’s vocal. It has a presence and soulfulness, taking centre-stage. It’s DJ Vadim who provides the backdrop for Greg’s soulful strains. It’s these building blocks each remixer uses.

The various remixers take the original version of I’m Feelin’ U, and gets to work twisting and transforming the original track. They each bring something new, innovative and intriguing to the track. In total, there are four remixes, ranging from the Mindelixir Remix, right through the Oluchi Remix and Drumagick Remix and then the Yesking Remix and Instrimental. These four remixes are very different and bring something new, innovative and compelling to the original track. Considering they each started with the same stems, that’s even more remarkable. However, given the very different musical backgrounds of each remixer, such an eclectic variety of remixes isn’t surprising. Drumgagik was at the heart of the Brazilian drum ‘n’ bass scene, while Mindelixir’s music is bass heavy and full of beeps and squeaks aplenty. As an added bonus, another track from Don’t Be Scared This Could Be.

The seven tracks on DJ Vadim’s second single I’m Feelin’ U are a tantalizing taste of the multi-talented hip hop veteran’s music. They also introduce the hugely talented and deeply soulful Greg Blackman, Essex’s number one soul singer. Greg is a man with a big future, who we’ll be hearing much more from in 2013. I’m Feelin’ U is the perfect introduction to the music of two multitalented men, DJ Vadim and Greg Blacman. After you’ve heard I’m Feelin’ U, which will be released on 14th January 2013, on BBE Music, then you’ll want to hear much more from DJ Vadim.

This is the he perfect starting point to discover DJ Vadim’s music. The next stop, is Don’t Be Scared, the tenth album from one of hip hop innovators and veterans. It’s a roller-coaster musical adventure, where DJ Vadim, forever the innovator, and forever reinventing his music, constantly crosses and combines musical genres. There’s everything from Acid House, Afro Beat, ambient, drum and bass, dub, hip hop, Latin, reggae, techno and trip hop within the twelve tracks on Don’t Be Scared, which is the proverbial musical melting pot. DJ Vadim takes all these influences and mixes them up, with a little help from his musical collaborators. Each artist plays their part in the sound and success of Don’t Be Scared, adding their own inimitable vocals, including Greg Blackman.

My advice to is, when 14th January 2013 arrives, Don’t Be Scared, pay your money and enjoy the delights of the seven tracks on I’m Feelin’ U, where two multitalented and innovative musicians collaborate, DJ Vadim and Greg Blackman. You never know, This Could Be, ONE your favourite singles of 2013?


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