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Pierre Moerlen’s Gong-Downwind. Label: Esoteric Recordings. Format: CD. In January 1973, Daevid Allen invited drummer and percussionist Pierre Moerlen to join Gong following the departure of Laurie Allan. He agreed and became the group’s new drummer.  However, in June 1973 he was asked by Virgin Records’ founder Richard Branson to play percussion at the premier …

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GONG-YOU. Prolific. That’s a good way to describe the various lineups of Gong. Since Gong formed in 1967, Gong and the various offshoots of Gong have released thirty-four studio albums. Of these albums, three standout from the crowd, the Radio Gnome Trilogy. The last instalment in the Radio Gnome Trilogy was You, which was released in …

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GONG-CAMEMBERT ELECTRIQUE. There aren’t many bands who have enjoyed the longevity that Gong have enjoyed. The Franco-British band were formed back in Paris, in 1967 by Daevid Allen, an Australian musician and Gilli Smyth a professor of the Sorbonne. They were joined by vocalist Ziska Baum and flautist Loren Standlee. This was the first lineup …

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