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ENCHANTMENT-UTOPIA. Enchantment’s sixth album Utopia, may not have resulted in Enchantment heading off in pursuit of Sir Thomas More’s mythical and idealized island, but it did mark a change in the lives and music of the veteran band. They maybe never knew it when they began recording Utopia, but seventeen years after they were formed …

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ENCHANTMENT-ONCE UPON A DREAM. Having released their debut album Enchantment in November 1976, Enchantment would release the followup Once Upon A Dream a year later, in December 1977. On Once Upon A Dream, was one of Enchantment’s most successful and best known singles, It’s You That I Need. It would give Enchantment the only number …

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ENCHANTMENT-ENCHANTMENT. After being formed in 1966 at Detroit’s Pershing High School, Enchantment signed their recording contract in 1969. This came about when the group won a local talent contest sponsored by the local Detroit radio station WCHB. However, it would be another eight years before the group would release their debut album Enchantment, which will …

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