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RICK REDBEARD-AWAKE UNTO. Music has changed almost beyond recognition over the last fifteen years. One of the biggest changes is how long it takes an artist to release an album. No longer do artists release  an album each year. That was the norm during the late-sixties and seventies. Indeed, some artists released two albums during …

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THE PHANTOM BAND-STRANGE FRIEND. Over the last year, The Phantom Band have been one of the hardest working bands in Scottish music. They’ve released two albums, Strange Friend and Fears Trending. Strange Friend was released in June 2014, and Fears Trending in January 2015. Both albums were released to widespread critical acclaim, and are among the …

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THE PHANTOM BAND-FEARS TRENDING. For fans of The Phantom Band, it’s either a case of feast of famine. Having released their debut album Checkmate Savage in January 2009, The Phantom Band returned in October 2010 with their sophomore album The Wants. After that, nothing was heard from The Phantom Band for four long years. During …

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