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JOHN ILLSLEY-LONG SHADOWS. Nowadays, life is very different for John Illsley. The former Dire Straits bassist lives in the New Forest, where he lives with his wife, their young family and two dogs. John it seems, has taken to country living. So much so, that when his local pub came up for sale, he decided …

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DIRE STRAITS- COMMUNIQUE. 7th July 1978 is the day that changed the lives of the four members of Dire Straits forevermore. That day, Dire Straits released their eponymous debut album. This was the beginning of a glittering seventeen year career. However, it wasn’t until Sultans Of Swing was released as a single in the spring …

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DIRE STRAITS-DIRE STRAITS. In 1977, punk was at the peak of its popularity. For the last year, bands were being formed all over Britain. Suddenly, it seemed, everyone was a musician. That was all very well. However, there was a problem.  Many of these bands weren’t very good. The problem was, many of this new …

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