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Miki Yui-Dual (Hollow). Label: Soft Error. For the best part of fifty years, Scotland has had a vibrant music scene, that has produced many successful artists and bands. They’ve enjoyed success both at home, and abroad. However, to make a breakthrough, many artists and bands had to move to London, which was where the major labels …

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KLAUS DINGER AND JAPANDORF-JAPANDORF. By 2007, sixty-one year old Klaus Dinger was a veteran of German music. He had been a member of three of the most important, influential and innovative German groups of the past forty years, Kraftwerk, Neu! and La Düsseldorf. Despite enjoying such a long and successful career, Klaus Dinger hadn’t lost …

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MIKI YUI-OSCILLA. There aren’t many people who successfully juggle several different careers. Instead, most people tend to specialise in one thing. Especially when it comes to art. That however, isn’t the case with Japanese artist Miki Yui.  She has successfully combined and cultivated several different careers since her career began in 1998. Since then, the multitalented Miki Yui’s …

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