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Cakewalk-Ishihara. Three years after the release of Cakewalk’s sophomore album Transfixed, the Norwegian supergroup recently released their much-anticipated, third album, Ishihara, on Hubro Music. It finds Cakewalk at their innovative best, on what’s without doubt, the most ambitious album of their career so far.  Ishihara is another album carefully sculpted soundscapes from sonic adventurers Cakewalk, …

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Stephan Meidell-Metrics.  Three years after the release of his critically acclaimed, groundbreaking debut album Cascades, Stephan Meidell is about to return with his much-anticipated sophomore album Metrics, which will be released on Hubro Music on the ‘28th’ April 2017. Metrics marks the return of a true musical pioneer and sonic explorer Stephan Meidell, who takes …

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CAKEWALK-TRANSFIXED. It was May 2012, when Cakewalk released their genre-melting debut album Wired. Released to critical acclaim, Wired featured intense, mesmeric music. Featuring three experienced and talented musicians, Cakewalk became one. Each member of Cakewalk seemed to have know exactly what the other was about to do. The interaction between them was peerless. They fed …

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