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PRIMAL SCREAM-RIOT CITY BLUES. As someone who has spent many years reading the music press, one thing that always make me smile is how quickly an artist or group fall from grace in the eyes of the music press. One minute a group are being lauded as the savior of music, having released one of …

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NEW ORDER-TECHNIQUE. The story of the making of the album this article is about, is one of excess, hedonism, eleven crashed hire cars and four memorable months spent in Ibiza. Regardless of the carnage that took place when this album was being recorded, it was all worth while, because when the album was finished, it …

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PRIMAL SCREAM-ECHO DEK. Recently I was talking to a friend about our favorite albums, and we were going through some of the albums we liked. Having spoken about some of the more obvious choices, we went on to chat about the more obscure albums we each liked. It was then that I mentioned the album …

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