Smoker’s Delight is the second album from Nightmares On Wax. It was released back in 1995 on Warp Records. Nightmares On Wax’s first album was A Word of Science The 1st and Final Chapter and was released on 1991.  On that album George Evelyn worked with Kevin Harper, who subsequently left the band prior to the recording Smoker’s Delight.

George Evelyn describes his sounds as a mixture of soul and hip hop. That is apparent when you listen to the Smokers Delight . Also apparent, is Evelyn’s musical influences, which he states are soul music. He grew up listening to, and being influenced by, Curtis Mayfield and Quincy Jones. Maybe that is why there is a soulfulness is his work, especially in Smoker’s Delight and Carboot Soul. Carboot Soul is the follow up to Smoker’s Delight’, and was released in 1999. Evelyn, to some people, is perceived as being responsible for founding the trip hop genre, if so, he deserves our thanks, as many people, like myself,  love this genre of music.

When you listen to a Nightmares On Wax, you may find that you recognize some of the tracks. Over the years, many of Nightmares On Wax’s tracks have featured on compilation albums, such as Serve Chilled and Winter Chill on the Hed Kandi label, Cafe Del Mar Volumen Tres and The Chillout Room 2. All of these albums are worth buying as the feature some wonderful downtempo music.

Smoker’s Delight in my opinion, is one of the best downtempo albums ever. I know that is a big statement to make, but if you listen to it, then I am sure that you will find yourself agreeing with me. There are sixteen tracks on Smokers Delight, and from the first track Nights Introlude, to the final track Gambia Via Vagatorbeach, this album is pure quality. You will find within Smoker’s Delight, sixteen tracks that feature, and are full of, atmospheric and soulful sounds and slow, spacey, drumbeats. What you will also hear on this album are gorgeous lush strings and quality rhythms that would not look out of place on a 70’s Philadelphia soul album.

Smokers Delight truly is an album that you will listen to time and time again. Certainly I have had it on heavy rotation since its release back in 1995, and I never tire of hearing this album. In fact, every time I listen to Smokers Delight I hear something new. I am forever hearing subtle nuances that I have never heard before on this album. Should you decide to buy Smokers Delight, it will take you on an interesting and enjoyable aural journey, where you will visit places you have never visited before. Like its follow up Carboot Soul, this is classic downtempo or chill-out album. Smokers Delight will help you relax, unwind, and forget the stresses and worries, of modern day life. Surely if it can do that for you so easily, then it is well worth buying Smokers Delight. In fact, while you are buying Smokers Delight, why not just buy a copy of Carboot Soul as well, and then you will be the proud owner of two of the greatest albums within the downtempo or chill-out genre.  Standout Tacks: Nights Introlude, Pipes Honour, Stars, Waiting For A Jeepbeat and When I’m Feeling Good.


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