This year, 2012, has been a big year for John and Gina Carey, releasing three albums so far. On St. Valentines’ Day 2012, which was quite apt, considering how devoted to a couple they are, they both released their new solo albums. John released his album Smooth, Soulful and Funky, which was a perfect description of the music on the album. As usual, John’s playing was the standard what we’ve come to expect from the Urban Soul Guitarist, who incidentally, is a true multi-instrumentalist who can play bass, keyboards, drums and percussion. Smooth, Soulful and Funky demonstrated why he’d opened for legends of music, including Earth Wind and Fire, George Benson, Buddy Guy, Norman Brown and Rose Royce. 

Meanwhile, Gina had been working just as hard. Not only did her vocals feature on John’s Smooth, Soul and Funky, but she released what would be her first album of the year, Love Letters. This was the followup to Melodic and found Gina fuse a delicious mixture of Nu-Soul, smooth soul, R&B and jazz. Then in May 2012, Gina released the followup to Love Letters, Love Letters 2. It featured four tracks from Melodic and Love Letters, plus three new tracks from her forthcoming album Live, Laugh and Love. This whetted Gina’s fans appetite nicely for Live, Laugh and Love. 

With John and Gina having released three albums so far during 2012, you’d think that the hardest working family in soul and jazz music would take a break. Not at all. Later this year, John will release his second album of 2012 Family. I’ve been given a sneak preview of his new single Family, title-track to his forthcoming album Family, which I’ll tell you about. 

John describes his new single family as a “smooth jazz,”…”nothing to funky, but not sleepy either.” That’s the perfect description for the track. It’s what John’s forthcoming album Family will sound like. As the track opens, there’s a real smooth jazz sound to the track. John’s crystalline guitar playing is accompanied by the rhythm section. His playing is slow and accurate, quickening as Gina’s vocal drifts in. Gina’s warm, heartfelt Nu-Soul vocal soars, mixing emotion with controlled power. When her vocal drops out, John’s vocal takes centre-stage. He plays each note with care, as he embarks on an intricate journey up and down the fretboard. The result is a delicious sounding track, where John’s guitar playing is central to Family’s smooth jazz sound, with Gina’s vocal the finishing touch to another beautiful, slide of smooth jazz from the multitalented John Carey.

Having listened to Family many, many times since I received it last night, I can’t wait to hear the rest of John’s forthcoming album Family. I’m sure the rest of Family will be of the same standard as his new single is. This year has been a huge year for both John and Gina Carey. John released Smooth, Soulful and Funky, whose title is a perfect description of the music on the album. Gina’s two albums Love Letters and Love Letters 2 were a delicious, flawless fusion of Nu-Soul, smooth soul, R&B and jazz. Soon, the next chapter in the story of John and Gina Carey will unfold, when John releases Family and Gina Live, Laugh and Love. Given the quality of music on their previous albums, I can’t wait to hear these new albums from John and Gina Carey,  one of the hardest working family in soul and jazz, and the Family that Live, Love and Laugh together.

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