For any independent artist, trying to think of innovative ways of releasing music, isn’t easy. After all, major record companies have whole departments of strategists, whose job is to do just that. So, releasing music on a limited budget must be much harder. However, one artist whose pioneering a new way of releasing an album is Gina Carey. For here eighth album, Live, Love and Laugh, Gina’s decided to release the album in three volumes. This is perfectly suited to the three suites or themes  of music  that run through the twelve songs on Live, Love and Laugh . With these three very different themes running through the album, Gina decided that an innovative and imaginative way of releasing her new album was in three volumes. On September 4th, Gina will release Volume 1, entitled Live will be released on 4th September, with Volume 2 Love released on January 1st 2012 and Volume 3 Laugh being released on 1st May 2013. 

Live, Love and Laugh Volume 1 (Live) is Gina’s third album of 2012 and fifth soul album. Gina Carey’s soulful journey started with My Journey, before releasing was Melodic 2011. Before, becoming a soul singer, Gina had released three gospel albums, In His Time, Changes and Tell Um. Then on St. Valentines’ Day 2012, Gina released the first of three albums she’d release in 2012. Love Letters, was Gina’s fusion of  Nu-Soul, smooth soul, R&B and jazz. It was released on the same day as husband John’s Smooth, Soulful and Funky. Then just three months later, released her second album of 2012 Love Letters 2. Again, Gina was innovative, with Love Letters 2 featuring four tracks from Melodic and Love Letters, plus three tracks from Live, Love and Laugh. Now just three months later, I’ve been given a preview of Live, Love and Laugh Volume 1 (Live), which I’ll now tell you about.

The title-track Live, Love and Laugh opens Live, Love and Laugh Volume One. Straight away, swathes of grand strings build the drama up before Live, Love and Laugh reveals its soulful delights. A flourish of strings signal the arrival of Gina’s cascading vocal. Gina’s vocal is heartfelt, full of passion and positivity, while she adds multi-tracked backing vocals. Melodic keyboards, crispy drums, guitar and percussion combine, as this paean to positivity unfolds. With a mixture of emotion, and sincerity, Gina delivers her vocal. She does so as if she means every word, as the arrangement unfolds in waves, with keyboards and guitars key to the single’s sound. When combined with an uptempo, catchy arrangement, the result is an irresistible and hook-laden single,

My All opens with gentle, melodic keyboards, a hint of a shaker and a flourish of harp. They give no clue to where the track’s heading. Then an uptempo track unfolds. Gina’s impassioned vocal soars, while multi-tracked backing vocalists accompany her. Crispy drums provide the track’s heartbeat, while dramatic keyboards and rumbling bass punctuate the arrangement. As Gina’s voice almost trembles with emotion and pride, sweet backing vocals accompany her. Midway through the track, blazing horns add to the drama and emotion of the track. The longer the track progresses, the better Gina’s vocal gets. She mixes power, passion and pride, a formidable combination in life.

Gina drops the tempo on Angel, delivering a beautiful and heartfelt vocal. To me this is the best track on the album. It’s a gorgeous, slow, love song, one that’s perfectly suited to Gina’s voice and which she brings to life. Her delivery is stunning, with her phrasing getting across the beautiful lyrics. Like the two previous tracks, there’s a real Nu-Soul sound, bur Gina’s voice perfect for this style of music. As Gina delivers a heartfelt, emotional vocal, drums and bass provide the song’s slow, sensuous heartbeat. Keyboards, acoustic guitar and backing vocals accompany Gina, before the lushest of strings provide the track’s coupe de grace. Of the four tracks on Live, Love and Laugh Volume 1, this is the best, and very definitely the most beautiful.

Closing Live, Love and Laugh Volume 1 is Jam Session. A pounding bass, keyboards, drums and wah-wah guitar combine with Gina’s vocal. Her vocal is delivered in a dramatic, sassy style, with backing vocals accompanying here. Here, Gina and husband John, decide to unleash a tougher, funkier sound. Similarly, Gina’s vocal has a tougher, sassier sound. Having said that, the track is still soulful. Later, John unleashes a series of sizzling guitar solos, wah-wah-ing his way across the arrangement, almost making his guitar talk. Meanwhile Gina and backing vocalists soulfully soar above the arrangement, as Gina Carey reveals another side to her music, one that I can’t wait to hear more of.

Having constantly played the four tracks on Gina Carey’s forthcoming album Live, Love and Laugh Volume 1 (Live), I can honestly say that Gina’s sounding better than ever. Her vocals are variously a mixture of power, passion, positivity and emotion. The four songs are infectiously catchy and deeply soulful. While Live, Love and Laugh is the lead single, and a hook-laden single at that, Angel a gorgeous, heartfelt love song is the real standout track. Surely, that’ll be released as a single. I know if I was choosing the next single, that’s the one I’d choose. Truly, each of the songs on Live, Love and Laugh Volume 1 (Live) show Gina Carey to be a multi-talented lady, who wrote, arranged and produced the album. She has dedicated Live, Love and Laugh Volume 1 (Live) to her father Eugene Harrison, who sadly died earlier this year. I’m sure that Mr. Harrison would be truly proud of his hugely talented daughter Gina Carey, as she continues to Live, Love and Laugh and make so many happy with her beautiful voice.


Gina Carey | Live Love & Laugh, Vol. One (Live)

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