It seems Gina Carey is continuing her quest to be crowned the hardest working singer in music, by releasing her new single Love Me Too, on 1st November. This year, Gina has released three albums, with the second of the Live, Love and Laugh trilogy due for release on 1st January 2013. For anyone whose unfamiliar with Gina Carey, 2012 started for her with Love Letters, released on St. Valentine’s Day. Then just three months later, came Love Letters 2. Four months later and Live, Love and Love Volume 1 (Live) was released. This  four track mini album was s the first part of Gina’s trilogy of four-track mini albums. Now comes Love Me Too, the lead single from Live, Love and Love Volume 2. Unlike previous music from Gina Carey, this features a quite different sound. A change of sound is a brave decision for any artist. Will Love Me Too pay off for Gina Carey?

A lone wistful flute gives way to drums and Gina’s half-spoken vocal. Multi-tracked harmonies accompany Gina, before the rhythm section and wistful flute provide the backdrop for Gina’s urgent, heartfelt vocal. Her vocal veers between urgency and tenderness, while the ever-present flute, multi-tracked backing vocals and drums provide a dramatic backdrop. Her whispered, half-spoken vocal returns as Gina’s unleashes a soaring, powerful vocal. This she does scatting against a backdrop of riffing guitars and deliberate drums. They add drama almost improvise in a jazzy style that matches Gina’s vocal. By now R&B, Nu Soul, rock and jazz have all been fused, as Gina shows a very different side to her and her music. It’s definitely a departure from her usual Nu Soul sound. Indeed, it’s a fusion of influences and genres that allow Gina Carey to showcase her vocal talents, versatility and creativity. 

For one of the hardest working singers of 2012, Gina Carey hasn’t been content to stand still. She could just as easily released another single of her usual Nu Soul music, and it would’ve probably sold well. Instead, she’s decided to change things about and challenge herself. Love Me Too is proof of this. Gina Carey should be congratulated for her bravery in changing her sound. In doing so, it’s a showcase for her vocal talents versatility, creativity and bravery. Changing sound like this is not unlike changing horse mid-race, but Gina has managed to so. Hopefully, her bravery will be rewarded when Love Me Too Is released on 1st November 2012 by Gico Music.


Gina Carey " Live Love & Laugh 2" Ad

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