Since the birth of the digital age, one of the many benefits is that nowadays, musicians worldwide can have their music heard by a much wider audience. This came about at the perfect time. Computers and digital audio workstations were becoming much more affordable. Now all a producer needed, was a copy an Apple Mac, copy of Logic and some inspiration. From their home, anywhere in the world, they could make their own music, found their own label and sell it worldwide. That was all without involving a traditional record company. No longer did artists and producers have to beat a path to a record company’s door, pleading to have their record released. Suddenly, record labels sprung up world. Labels were founded from Paris to Perth and everywhere between Philadelphia and Pretoria.

Indeed, it was in Pretoria, South Africa, two years ago, in November 2010 when Audio Arque Records were founded. Hosia Salvation Mokale was one of the three founders of Audio Arque Records. Since then, the label has been gradually building a reputation as one of South Africa’s up and coming labels. So when I got the chance to hear some of Audio Arque’s music, I jumped at the chance. What I found was a label with a big future ahead of them.

The first of the three tracks I heard was Troy DeepSounds’ Underground Mix of Porompeta. Troy DeepSounds is a DJ, remixer and producer based in Pretoria. From the opening bars, Troy seems determined to grab your attention. Soon, a dramatic and bold slice of the deepest house unfolds. Crunchy drums pound creating a hypnotic effect. Then deliberate stabs of synths enter, just like a clock chimes on the hour. Growling horns join the stabs of synths and steady beats that gallop along. Gradually, the track is revealing its secrets, subtleties and mysteries. It’s like a musical journey, that’s dramatic, bold and orchestral. Too that hooky and hypnotic also describes this eight minute epic.

Launatic Deep released an E.P. Locomotion on Audio Arque Records. Locomotion, the title-track was remixed by Troy DeepSounds. His Rational Deep Mix has hypnotic, choppy sound It marches melodically along. Bursts of vocal escape from the mix of pounding drums, percussion and washes of synths. Reverb is added as the mix moves into the distance. The arrangement canters along, atmospherically and pensively, the vocal probing, quizzing and asking a series of question. Throughout the track, the drums compete and clash, while stabs of synths add to the melodic, mysterious sound.

Troy DeepSounds’ Too Deep, from the Too Deep E.P. is the final track from AudioArque Records. This version is the Blazing Blue mix. It’s more than a little bit special. They’ve definitely kept the best until last. Crisp drums, hissing hi-hats, shimmering synths and percussion are mixed together. They create a delicious slice of the deepest, moodiest house. It meanders along, synths buzzing and shivering, drums pounding and snatches of vocal escaping from the mix. Grandiose flourishes of strings, flamboyantly glide across the arrangement. That’s just the finishing touch to what is the best of this trio of tracks from Pretoria’s Audio Arque Records.

Although I’ve only heard a trio of tracks from Audio Arque Records, this is a label with a good future ahead of it. If they can market themselves further afield than their native South Africa, then Audio Arque Records could, and should establish a good following. They’ll also gain a reputation as a label that produces innovative, quality deep house music. The proof of this is the three tracks I’ve told you about. Hopefully, they’ll continue to grow their roster of artists and expand beyond deep house music. With dance music, or EDM as it’s now called, at the height of its popularity, then Audio Arque Records should seek to benefit from this and allow the rest of the world to hear their music.



  1. Junior Mapheto TheAncestral

    audio arque is the future ladies n gentz

    • Troy

      Blesssssss 🙂

  2. Yeah , Keep up the good work . And Launatic My brother , Locomotion really touched me man , i still play it even now #

  3. The locomotion EP , really touched me deep inside@Launatic , brother big up and to all the audio fam#

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