Last year, when I was compiling my list of the best music of 2012, Offering Recordings was one of the winners. Sage Monk’s Heartache Allegory was in my list of the best albums of 2012. One of the best compilations of 2012, was Offering Recordings Ade Sampler 2012, which featured tracks from, Mamy Wata, Idrissa Sissoko and Ade Alafia Adio, Delany Duval, Sage Monk and Sons of Arhat. One of the tracks on Offering Recordings Ade Sampler 2012 was Sons of Arhat’s Situation. 

Sons of Arhat’s Situation was written by Sons of Arhat, features the vocals of Sage Monk and was produced by Boddhi Satva. Now, Offering Recordings have released Situation as an E.P.. Not only does the Situation E.P. feature the original version of Situation, but five remixes. This includes remixes by Djeff, Blaq Soul and Hoeboyz. Each remix offers something new, different, compelling and intriguing to the original remix of Situation. You’ll realise that when I tell you about Sons of Arhat’s Situation E.P.

The original version of Sons of Arhat’s Situation instantly, grabs your attention. It’s a fusion of styles and sounds, where drama and passion omnipresent. Synths join percussion and drums giving the track an Afro-house sound and vibe. Soon, thunderous drums drive the track along, while moody synths, percussion and a vocal that’s heartfelt and oozing emotion. African and Western music unite as one. Synths create a broody, dramatic backdrop, while drums create the track’s pulsating heartbeat. Percussion and a vocal that’s full of emotion give the track an authentic African sound. For nearly eight minutes, two continents unite through music, resulting in a track that’s dramatic, spiritual and thanks to the vocal, totally heartfelt. Having told you about the original version of Sons of Arhat’s Situation, I’ll tell you about the five remixes.

Each of the five remixes of Situation takes the original version and transforms it. They each bring something new, innovative and intriguing to the track. As building blocks, the original version. This means using the thunderous drums, percussion, synths and in two cases, Sage Monk’s heartfelt, but hugely soulful vocal. Djeff’s Remix seems to stay closest to the original version. Somehow, it manages to build on the drama and emotion of the original. 

South African remixer, Blaq Soul has two different remixes on the Situation E.P. They are The Blaq Soul Voyage Remix and the Soul Voyage Instrumental Mix. They’re both upbeat remixes, with a warm, upbeat Afro-House sound. Driven along by drums and synths, and that hauntingly beautiful, the result is two hypnotic, yet soulful dance-floor friendly tracks. Both are captivating, and will have you caught in their mesmeric spell.

Just like Blaq Soul, Angolan remixers Hoeboyz, has two remixes on the Situation E.P. Again, it’s fascinating how another remixer, working with the same stems, reworks the same track. The first remix is the Hoeboyz Remix. Right from the get-go, there’s an authentic African sound. Rolls of drama, dark synths and the chanted vocal grab your attention. From there on in, the African influence continues. Compelling, captivating and hauntingly beautiful is the best way to describe the track. It’s like a journey to another continent, with music transporting you there. With Hoeboyz Instrumental Remix, it’s as if the remix doesn’t want to share its secrets. Even without the vocal, the remix has you spellbound, as you aWhen it does, it’s well worth the wait as you head on a seven-minute, epic musical journey, where house and African music seamlessly become one.

Whether you heard Son’s of Arhat’s Situation on Offering Recordings Ade Sampler 2012, or you’ve never heard the track before, then the Situation E.P. is the perfect starting point. Not only do you hear the original version of Situation, but you hear five remixes of the track. This comes courtesy of three different remixers remixers, who each have the same starting point. Their starting point, were the track’s stems. After that, they had the freedom to reinvent and re-imagine the original version of Situation. Each remixer has payed homage to Son’s of Arhat’s Situation in their own unique way.  Djeff, Blaq Soul and Hoeboyz bring something new, imaginative and innovative to the original version of Situation. These five remixes are of the highest quality. They’re professional and accomplished remixes of a deeply emotive, beautiful and powerful track. Far too often, remixers fail to accomplish what they’re meant to achieve. Not here. Instead, each remixer brings somethings new and innovative to the track. So whether you love Ancestral Soul, house music or just quality music, then Offering Recordings latest release, Sons of Arhat’s Situation E.P. is essential listening. I can assure you that if you’ve yet to discover the delights of Offering Recordings’ music, then once you’ve heard Sons of Arhat’s E.P. Situation, you’ll be heading on a voyage of discovery through Offering Recordings’ back-catalogue.


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