Back on 31st January 2013, Gina Carey released the ninth album of her career. This was Gina Carey…The Songbird. To coincide with Gina Carey…The Songbird’s release, Hey Mr was released was the lead single. Now two months later, Gina Carey releases the second single from Gina Carey…The Songbird My Sunshine. My Sunshine is perfect for the long summer months ahead. Indeed, I’d describe it as a slice of musical sunshine, from California’s Queen of Nu Soul. While Gina Carey…The Songbird was critically acclaimed and commercially successful upon its release, attracting radio play in the US, UK and Europe, this bodes well for Gina’s new single My Sunshine.

My Sunshine. This is a fitting title, given it’s an uplifting, uptempo track where Nu-Soul, jazz, funk and dance music combine. As if determined to close Gina Carey…The Songbird on a real high, Gina unleashes a powerful, passionate and soulful vocal. Piano and the rhythm section join backing vocalists accompany Gina. Later, she unleashes a jazzy scat, demonstrating her talent and versatility, as only Gina Carey…The Songbird can.

Of the thirteen tracks from Gina Carey…The Songbird, My Sunshine was one the album’s real highlights. My Sunshine is one of the best singles Gina Carey has released during the past few years. It’s a slice of musical sunshine, designed to lift your spirits. With its sultry, feel-good sound, it’s impossible to resist the charms of My Sunshine. It showcases the talent and versatility of Gina Carey, at what is an important point in her career. With new management guiding her career, then Gina Carey…The Songbird this is the start of a new, exciting and successful chapter in the career of Gina Carey…The Songbird. 


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