Nutritious’ latest single Flash It, which will be released on 25th June 2o13, on SpinSpinNYC is undoubtably his most ambitious project. Why is this? Well DJ, remixer and producer Nutritious, decided to create a track that pays homage to his hometown, New York. That my friends, is no easy task. Anyone whose been to New York will realize that. New York means different things to every one of its twelve-million residents. So trying to create a track that pays homage to New York, is a bit like trying to climb Everest in a tutu, wearing just ballet shoes. Devilishly tricky. However, if anyone can, Nutritious can. After all, Nutritious isn’t just any producer. Indeed, there’s more to Nutritious’ career than production.

Over the last few years, Nutritious has forged a reputation as one of the best producers in New York. Considering the fierce competition, that’s quite an achievement. Anyone who heard Nutritious Presents Duke Williams and The Extremes, will know that Nutritious is a producer with a big future. That’s why Nutritious’ reputation and fan-base is quickly growing. Not only that, but he’s received the backing of Soul Clap and Boddhi Satva. Not only has Nutritious won the respect of his peers, but his music is critically acclaimed. Nutritious it seems, is well on his way to becoming one of the best deep house producers. Maybe Nutritious is what house music needs just now? After all, he’s innovative, bold and is certainly not lacking in talent. Not at all. Multitalented. That best describes Nutritious, a man with several strings to his musical bow.

Apart from production, Nutritious is one of New York’s top DJs. He throws some of the best parties in his hometown. Then there’s SpinSpinNYC, Nutritious’ record label. Based in Brooklyn, SpinSpin NYC has gained a reputation as a record company who release innovative music. This includes Nutritious Presents Duke Williams and The Extremes, Internal Device’s Life In Stereo and Cubez’s Skams. To that that trio of innovative releases, we can now add Nutritious’ Flash It, where he pays homage to his hometown of New York.

As Flash It unfolds, it’s like New York awakening. You picture a city collectively awakening, stretching and gradually coming to life. Just slow, deliberate stabs of wistful keyboards paint this picture. Soon, the day is underway. Drums, hissing hi-hats and meandering synths set the scene as New Yorkers go about their business. Still the arrangement is understated. That’s okay though. it’s early. The city’s night owls are just shaking the sleep from its eyes. Meanwhile, Nutritious combines the lushest of strings and melancholy synths. Watching the accompanying video proves effective. A sea of faces, each one seemingly alone, wander the streets of NYC. Nobody looks near another soul. Every man or woman is an island. By the time dark falls, the city is transformed. Trains depart from stations, destinations unknown. Then it’s time for the city to show another side to its metamorphic character.

Coming in from the boroughs, are New York’s party people. They’re ready to head out to play. Shrouded in mystery, with a whisper of promise, the city beckons. Providing an alluring backdrop for the hedonism and adventure the city promises, is Nutritious, with his unique brand of deep house. Now the nights unfolding, it becomes a seething, heaving mass of humanity, united in the pursuit of nirvana like hedonism. By now Nutritious’ soundtrack tales on harder, edgier sound, thanks to thunderous bass-lines and his trusty filters. As the city sleeps, the glitteratti party. Then as dawn breaks the party’s over. Home-time, time to comedown for the party people. Meanwhile, the New York awakes and the fun begins again.

Somehow, Nutritious managed to achieve what seemed like the impossible. He managed to pay homage to his hometown in a seven-minute single Flash It. Nutritious is one seven-minute track, tells the story of a day in the life of New York. That’s quite a feat. Many producers wouldn’t have been up to the challenge. Nutritious was. However, he’s one of New York’s best producers. He’s also an innovator, whose not afraid to take risks. Proving this, is Flash It, Nutritious’ latest single, which will be released on 25th June 2013, on SpinSpinNYC. With Nutritious providing the soundtrack to a city at work, play and partying, you become an onlooker, watching the scenes unfold. You’re enthralled. What will happen next. The video that accompanies Flash It, brings the music to life. It brings meaning to Nutritious’ music. As the music unfolds, the video is in synch with the music. It’s seamless. This marriage of music and video increasing the power of both mediums. However, even without the video, this is an inventive and innovative slice of deep house.

Without the video, Flash It still works. It would be easy to argue it works just as well.  After all, your imagination is left to paint the pictures that the video supplies. You’re left to visualize New York, during a twenty-four hours period. That’s easy. Flash It is an evocative, powerful and innovative piece of music. Describing Flash It isn’t easy. It ranges from cerebral, pensive, wistful and melancholic, to uplifting, mesmeric, seductive and sensual. Nutritious’ new single Flash It, is all that and more, while Nutritious is much more than a producer. 

Referring to Nutritious as a DJ is an understatement. That’s like saying Picasso wasn’t bad with a pot of paint.  Let’s get this straight, Nutritious is no ordinary producer. He’s one of the best producers in New York. Flash It, his latest single proves this. Flash It is the latest adventure in the life and times of Nutritious, DJ, remixer and producer of deep house for the discerning party-goer and connoisseur of quality music.


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