Some singles are destined to be commercially successful and referred to as a “classic.” It’s as if it’s written in the stars. That was the case withTerry Hunter’s 2007 single Wonderful, which featured the soulful strains of Terisa Griffin. This was the start of another chapter in Terry Hunter’s career. During that time, Terry has enjoyed parallel careers as a DJ and producer. Success however, hasn’t come overnight for Terry. Far from it. It’s been a long, hard slog. Now he’s reaping the rewards.

Terry’s remixing skills are always in-demand. Artists and labels are always looking for him to work his magic on their latest track. A Terry Hunter mix is a much sought after commodity. Similarly, sought after, is Terry’s DJ-ing skills. One of the Godfathers soulful house scene, Terry Hunter’s DJ-ed throughout the world. More recently, he’s been DJ-ing every Sunday night at Chicago’s Shrine night club. This filled a void that had long existed in his home town. For years, there had been demand for a soulful house night. When that void wasn’t filled, one of the Chicago’s favorite sons filled the void….Terry Hunter. Since 2011, Terry’s Bang Sunday night at Shrine, has been the hottest ticket in town. People travel from all over America to experience Bang Sunday. For those who’ve yet to discover the delights of Terry Hunter’s Bang Sunday, Terry has compiled a new mix CD for BBE Music. Entitled Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter, this double-album will be released on 29th July 2013. Before I tell you about Terry Hunter’s explosive journey through house music, I’ll tell you about Terry’s career so far.

It was August 1970, that Terry Hunter was born. He was brought up in the south-side   of Chicago. Music became part of his life from an early age. When Terry was introduced to DJ-ing, he thought that it was just a hobby, an expensive hobby at that. A self-confessed vinyl junkie, Terry was soon spending all his money on records. Record shops became his second home. When he wasn’t in record shops, he was in his room listening to the latest record he’d bought. During school holidays, Terry’s life revolved around record shops and his room. Despite his love of music, Terry never realized he could and make a living as a DJ and producer. That was until one day, when realized DJ-ing and making music was what he was meant to do with his life.

Chicago was the perfect place for a young DJ and producer. While house music was born in the early eighties, the next generation of producers were about to make a breakthrough. With this resurgence in interest in house music, this was the perfect opportunity for Terry to release his debut single. Entitled Madness, it was released in 1990, on Muzique Records. The single created interest around the Chicago are, helping launch Terry’s DJ-ing career. 

Soon, Terry was DJ-ing much further afield.Traveling around the world, Terry was exposed to different musical genres. He absorbed this, and allowed it to influence his music. The soulful house music he span, reflected the music he was making. It proved popular with audiences, and influenced other DJs. Terry released singles on House Jam Records, Henry Street, Vibe Music, Vinyl Soul, Delirious and MAW Records. Among his most successful tracks, are classics When I Fell In Luv, Out On The Dance Floor and Sweet Music. Then there’s Terry’s work as a remixer and songwriter.

As a remixer, Terry’s remixed Mary J. Blige, Michael Jackson, Masters At Work and Twista. Terry’s collaborated with Kenny Dope to remix Kayne West’s Addiction (Dope Wax), which is a favorite of many a DJ. Terry’s other collaborations have included writing songs with among others, Raheem DeVaughn and Syleena Johnson. Songwriter, remixer, producer and DJ, there’s no end to Terry Hunter’s talents. However, for his latest venture, he headed home to his hometown of Chicago.

For years, there’s been a void in Terry’s home town. One thing Chicago lacked, was a soulful house night. Now Terry is one of the world’s leading soulful house DJs, so it seemed like a musical marriage made in heaven. Since 2011, Terry’s Bang Sunday night at Shrine, has been the hottest ticket in town. Terry along with guest DJs play every week at band. This includes local and international DJs, who with Terry Hunter, ensure that Bang is one of the best nights in Chicago. For those unable to make the trip to Chi-Two, Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter is the next best thing.

Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter is a double album, which will be released by BBE Music on 29th July 2013. Disc One features the fourteen tracks that Terry Hunter was chosen to replicate an evening at Bang. Then on Disc Two, Terry seamlessly mixes the fourteen eclectic tracks together. It’s one of the tightest and smoothest mixes you’ll hear this year. Technically flawless, so is the choice of music. Featuring Avery Sunshine, Mike Dunn, Boddhi Satva, Masters At Work, Ralf Gum, Wayne Williams, DJ Spen and Marsha Ambrosius, choosing the highlights of Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter won’t be easy.

Opening Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter is Avery Sunshine’s Ugly Part Of Me. This is a track from Avery’s 2010 eponymous debut album. Released on Dome Records, Nu-Soul, funk and house combine. It’s the perfect track for Terry to start his mix with. Avery delivers her vocal soulfully, with sass and a swagger. By the end of the track, not only do you want to hear more of Avery, but wonder what else Terry has in-store?

The answer to that is Anthony Nicholson/William Kurk and The Miquifaye Allstars. Tell Me A Bedtime Story seamlessly follows Avery Sunshine. Released in 2010, on Space Station Recordings, it was written by Herbie Hancock. That would explain the track’s jazz influence. This comes courtesy of the piano. Mostly it’s deep house, with a myriad of percussion and drums providing the track’s pulsating heartbeat, and driving the infectiously catchy arrangement along.

One of the most soulful songs on Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter, comes courtesy of DJ Kunta featuring Botshelo Huma. Come Closer was released by MoFunk Records in 2012 and was a collaboration between a South African producer and singer. DJ Kunta was the produer. His career started in 1999. Bothshelo’s career started when she was just fifteen. Having established a reputation as one of South Africa’s top vocalists, she moved to New York to study. In New York, further musical opportunities came Botshelo’s way. No wonder, given her undeniable vocal prowess. Proof of this is Come Closer. Her vocal is heartfelt, soulful and needy and crucial to the song’s success. Surely, we’ll soon hear more from the hugely talented Botshelo Huma?

One of my favorite albums of 2012 was Boddhi Satva’s Invocation. Released by BBE Music, my favorite track from Invocation was Another World, which featured Vikter Duplaix. He was one of several talented African singers who featured on Invocation. The version on Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter is very different. Percussive heavy, the chanted vocal is drenched in echo. Drifting in and out, stabs of synths and drums take charge in a track that’s compelling, mesmeric and sometimes, haunting.

Given Terry Hunter’s reputation as one of the top soulful house DJs, it’s no surprise he’s included Ralf Gum featuring Kenny Bobien’s The Only Way. After all, there’s no better voice in house music than Kenny Bobien. Regarded as the King of gospel house music, there’s no sign of the King losing his crown here. Not when Ralf Gum is producing the track and Terry Hunter remixing it. Released on GoGo Music, in April 2013, Terry’s remix manages to improve on a track that’s got classic written all over it.

Reciprocal’s In The Mists Of Angola has a tougher, edgier sound. Released in 2010, it’s a fusion of house and techno. There’s a real Chicago sound to a track that’s not unlike heading on a musical adventure. You can picture yourself on a train In The Mists Of Angola, heading on the adventure of a lifetime. Providing the soundtrack, would be Reciprocal.

DJ Spen’s Craze At Midnite sees the tempo increase as Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter heads towards its climax. Released in 2009, on Spen’s Live CDJ1000 Mix, there’s an old school sound to the track. Thunderous drums pound, creating the track’s heartbeat, while DJ Spen toys with synths. They’re at the heart of this old school, hands in the air track that’s guaranteed to fill any dance-floor. 

Terry has definitely kept the best to last. That’s Marsha Ambrosius’ Far Away, a track from her 2011 album Late Night and Early Mornings. Fusing soul, funk and a plentiful supply of hooks, Marsha discovers her inner diva. Accompanied by cascading harmonies and a dance-floor friendly beat, Marsha closes Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter with a Bang.

While DJ mixes are literally two a penny, one thing that differs, is their quality. Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter is one of the best. Featuring an eclectic and intriguing selection of music, there’s surprises aplenty in-store for the listener. Eschewing tried and tested tracks, Terry digs deeper, compiling a compelling selection of fourteen tracks. Among the soulful delights on Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter are Avery Sunshine, Marsha Ambrosius and Kenny Bobien, a true legend of house music. The voice of many a house classic, Kenny, now a veteran, delivers one of his trademark vocals. There’s contributions from other high profile house producers, including DJ Spen, Masters At Work and Boddhi Satva. For me, one of the real finds was Reciprocal’s In The Mists Of Angola, a really moody, atmospheric track. 

From the opening bars of Avery Sunshine’s Ugly Part Of Me to the closing notes of Marsha Ambrosius’ Far Away, Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter, Terry doesn’t put a foot wrong. His track selection is flawless. No wonder. He’s a veteran DJ, with twenty-five years experience behind him. He’s put that experience to good use on Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter, which will be released by BBE Music on 29th July 2013. Bang-Mixed and Compiled by Terry Hunter is one of the best DJ mixes of 2013, where Terry Hunter demonstrates, just what it takes to create a top class DJ mix. Standout Tracks: Avery Sunshine’s Ugly Part Of Me, Boddhi Satva featuring Vikter Duplaix From Another World, Reciprocal In The Mists Of Angola and Marsha Ambrosius Far Away.


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