Over the last few years, Mr. Bongo Records have established a reputation as a progressive, forward thinking label. Releasing everything from African, Brazilian, jazz, Latin and reggae music, eclectic describes the music the Brighton-based label releases. The latest offering from Mr. Bongo Records, is Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile, where traditional Brazilian Baile Funk is reinvented by a new generation of producers and DJs to create a new musical genre, Neo Baile Funk. They fuse electronic music and Baile Funk, injecting new life, meaning and energy into the music of the past. In doing so, they create the music of the future, which I’ll tell you about.

Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile is a fifteen track compilation, featuring innovative, inventive and imaginative takes on traditional Brazilian Baile Funk, or as some people refer to it, Funk Carioca. DJs and producers combine electronic music and Baile Funk on these tracks. This new musical genre became known as Neo Baile Funk.Of the fifteen Neo Baile Funk tracks, fourteen of the tracks are either new or unreleased. Never before have they appeared on any album or compilation. That is..until now, when Sean Casey and Renato Martins decided to include them on Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile.

The men behind Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile are two of the genre’s guardians, based nearly six-thousand miles apart. Funk na Caixa, whose better known as Renato Martins, is based in Sao Paulo and is credited with coining the term Neo Baile Funk to describe this new musical genre. Renato has producer the Sapabonde Crew and is something of a talent spotter, producing up-and-coming producers including Leo Justl and Opher.

As for Bumps, a.k.a. Sean Casey, he’s based in London, where he founded Club Popozuda in 2009. Sean brings some of the best global bass DJs to Club Popozuda, which has become known for Baile Funk and Neo Baile Funk. Just like Renato, Sean has played a huge part in the rise and rise of Neo Baile Funk. Both men have been musical evangelists, singing the praise of this new and innovative musical genre, Neo Baile Funk. Continually, they’ve tried to bring Neo Baile Funk to a wider audience. This includes running events in Britain, Brazil, France and Germany. To try and reach the widest audience possible, Renato and Sean decided to release a compilation Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile.

For their new compilation, Sean and Renato scoured the globe looking for groundbreaking music. The reason for this, is that it’s not just in Brazil where Neo Baile Funk is produced. No. It’s now a worldwide phenomenon. That’s thanks to a website which showcased this new musical genre, Neo Baile Funk.

Funk na Caixa was founded back in 2010. Since then, it’s hugely important in the development of Neo Baile Funk. Producers worldwide, were asked submit their new tracks to the website. If the tracks are played, a worldwide audience will hear their productions. So far, fifty tracks have been released by Funk na Caixa. Then there’s regular podcasts and a documentary called Funk Ostentacao about Sao Paulo’s Neo Baile Funk scene. With Funk na Caixa helping Neo Baile Funk becoming a worldwide phenomenon, Renato and Sean had plenty of producers and DJs to choose from when compiling Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile.

No longer just a Brazilian scene, Neo Baile Funk through the aegis of internet sites like Funk na Caixa, had spread across the world. Producers were spread far and wide. So Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile is a trans-global compilation. Renato and Sean chose fourteen tracks produced by DJs and producers within and out-with Brazil. Of these fourteen tracks, I’ll pick what I consider the highlights from Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Bail.

It’s no surprise that Brazil is well represented on Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile. After all, Neo Baile Funk is a Brazilian phenomenon. Maga Bo is one of the highest profile Brazilian Neo Bail Funk producers. His contribution is Balanco Da Canoa, which Bumps remixed. It’s best described as a genre-melting, innovative track, with surprises aplenty in-store for the listeners. Another Rio based producer is La Bombacion whose Baile Funk features Tecou. An intriguing collaboration where disparate influence and genres become one, La Bombacion is a producer who hopefully, we’ll hear more of.

DJ Comrade’s Xão Trap, a track from his 2012 album Favela Trap. Released late in 2012, Favela Trap was a truly influential album, which spread the Neo Baile Funk gospel further than before. No wonder. It’s like musical revolution unfolding before you. Everything from hip, hop, broken beat, Acid House, drum ‘n’ bass, trip hop and experimental music is thrown in the mix. Sinister samples, sirens and washes of synths join drums in encouraging the Neo Baile Funk army to march along. Sinister chants, haunting samples, scratches, broken beat drums and sudden changes in tempo play their part in this complex, multilayered track. With every listen, a nuance or subtly reveals itself.

Two Sao Paulo producers feature on Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile. Guto De Almeida conributes the opening track Vai Danada, which features MC Wa. A musical melting pot, everything from deep, funky and Acid House combine with electronica, funk and hip hop. Hypnotic, mesmeric and funky describes this track. Another Sao Paolo producer is MC Gi, one of the veterans of Neo Baile Funk scene. He’s been producing music since the new millennia dawned. So, his music precedes Neo Baile Funk. The Carlos Nuñez Remix of Chega Mais is a much more dance-floor friendly track. It’s a musical journey that veers between trippy, robotic and bass-shaking, encompassing house, trance, funk and broken beat. When all this is combined, it gives the track an anthemic, big room sound.

Having mentioned five Brazilian producers, another five producers prove that Neo Baile Funk is no longer a Brazilian phenomenon. Not at all. Thanks to the internet and evangelists like Renato and Sean, Neo Baile Funk is played and produced worldwide. From Africa to Eastern and Western Europe, right though to England, new Neo Baile Funk tracks are produced daily. Proof of this can be found on Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile.

Moscow-based Chuck Upbeat contributed Cicadas’ Dance to Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile. Dramatic, sinister and sultry are words that describe a musical collage that’s reminiscent of Visage’s Fade To Grey. Scratches, samples, hissing hi-hi-hats and hollers combine to create a track where new wave, electronica and hip hop create a track that’s infectiously catchy, but also dark and dramatic. 

Similarly, dark and dramatic is Ophex’s Gostoso. The Lithuanian producer draws inspiration from an eclectic selection of influences, he digs deep and throws vintage hip hop, samba, funk, Neo Baile and electronica into the musical melting pot. Sirens, synths, samples and screams are combined with urgent chants as this compelling track unfolds at breakneck speed.

Ckrono and Slesh are an Italian production team. Their contribution is A Patricinha, which briefly, reminds me of the Flying Lizards, albeit with pounding drums and sci-fi vocals. Robotic and hypnotic the track is, but it’s also full of surprises. A myriad of percussion and bursts of whistles remind you of carnival time in Rio. As the arrangement sashays along, hips sway and booties shake on what is the best track on Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile. Quite simply, this track lays down the gauntlet, daring you not to dance.

Probably the most far flung contributor to Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile, is Gato Preto from Mozambique. Saca Me Desse Banzé is another delicious fusion of genres and influences. Propelled along by a myriad of percussion and joyous vocals, African and Brazilian music meet head on. Uplifting, it’s music guaranteed to fill any dance-floor. Old school synths add an electronic influence, before hip hop and drum ‘n’ bass influences join the party. Meanwhile, there’s a sense of urgency to the vocal. Then snatches of sinister samples, pounding drums and bursts of whistles play their part in a track where the music of three continents unites. 

Fittingly, my final choice from Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile is from Bumps a.k.a. Sean Casey, who is one of the compilers. Bumporzão has a big room, anthemic sound. Bursting into life is a genre-sprawling track. Trance influenced synths are at the heart of a track. Then everything from hip hop, moombahton, broken beat, drum ‘n’ bass and house music is combined with samples, sound effects and a seemingly never-ending supply of energy.

Featuring fourteen new tracks, plus Deize Tigrona’s Prostituto, which features Jaloo, Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile is the perfect primer to Neo Baile Funk. It’s Brazil’s last musical success story. What is one Brazil’s newest musical genres, is well on its way to becoming a musical phenomenon. Neo Baile Funk has reached as far afield as Mozambique, Moscow, Lithuanian, Italy, France and England. Soon, this genre-melting music will reach the four corners of the globe. This is thanks to a group of innovative producers who are like Shaman, casting a musical spell over their listeners.

With a totally unique style, musical genres and influences melt into one lysergic haze on Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile. Everything from Acid House, Afrobeat, broken beat, deep house, drum ‘n’ bass, funk, funky house, hip hop, house, Latin, Moombahton, Neo Baile, samba, soul, trance and trip hop is thrown into a bubbling musical melting pot. So too are snatches of haunting samples, snare drums, scratches, squelchy synths and sinister chants. Then there’s hissing hi-hats, loops, 808 kick drums and the unmistakable sound of the Roland TR-303. It’s then given a stir by an innovative producer and hey presto, music that veers between trippy, robot, hypnotic, mesmeric and lysgeric, to bass shaking, hip swaying and booty shaking. 

Multilayered, complex, dramatic and dark, just as quickly, it can become uplifting, anthemic and hands in the air music. Intriguing and enigmatic describes Neo Baile Funk. This is music that’s full of subtleties, surprises and nuances. Producers throw a series of curveballs, just to keep the listener on their toes. Best to expect the unexpected. Anything and everything is possible. Rule nothing in and nothing out seems to be the producer’s mindset. This means Funk Globo: The Sound Of Neo Baile is the equivalent to a lysergic, genre-sprawling, magical, mystical musical mystery tour, where no sat-nav is required. 


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