1. Did you listen much to Captain Beefheart? there’s a number called Hare Pie: Bake 2 from the album Troutmask Replica. It’s very different.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m quite a fan of Captain Beefheart. I know the track you’re talking about on Trout Mask Replica. It takes a few listens to digest. Once you’ve heard the track a few times, you start to hear the subtleties and nuances. Some of Captain Beefheart’s music divides opinion. The same can be said of Frank Zappa, whose music I really enjoy. It’s just a pity Captain Beefheart’s music hasn’t been remastered and rereleased like Frank Zappa’s.

      I’ll drop you an email later. I’ve been snowed under with reviews.

      Best Wishes,

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