Glasgow’s Olive Grove Records look like they’ve hit the jackpot with their latest signing Call To Mind. Why? Well, this is a band with a big future. One listen to their latest single A Family Sketch, which was released on Olive Grove Records on 28th October 2013, and you’ll realize that. Call To Mind have been influenced by an eclectic selection of artists, including Sigur Ros and Kate Bush. That’s no surprise. These influences shine through on A Family Sketch, which is an exquisite example of ethereal beauty. A glacial soundscape, A Family Sketch is musical perfection from Call To Mind, who remain one of Scotland’s best kept musical secrets.

Formed in Ardersier, in the Highlands of Scotland, Call To Mind are a five piece band, who are now based in Glasgow. The lineup includes Martin Ross and Jamie Ross, Andrew Masson, Joe Smillie and Steve Gribbin. Drawing inspiration from their musical influences, Call To Mind bring a new meaning to the word eclectic. Call To Mind have established a reputation for producing dramatic, glacial and ethereal soundscapes. In some ways, this could also be reflection of their Highland roots. These soundscapes were first heard on Call Of Mind’s debut E.P.

Their eponymous E.P, Call Of Mind was released in March 2010. On its release, critics recognized Call To Mind’s talent and ability to innovate. This was music of substance, cerebral, multi-textured music. Layers of music unfold, while subtleties and nuances reveal themselves. Since then, Call Of Mind have spent the last three years honing their sound.

During the last few years, Call To Mind have been compared to Doves, Radiohead and Joy Division. Then there’s the influence of Sigur Ros and Kate Bush. To that I’d add Brian Eno, The Bathers and Cocteau Twins. Indeed, a myriad of influences play their part in the music of Call To Mind. A Family Sketch, which I’ll tell you about, is an introduction to Call Of Mind.

A Family Sketch meanders into being. Dramatically, this ethereal soundscape unfolds. Guitars chime, while washes of dramatic synths play their part in this moody, melancholy opus. Reminiscent of Penguin Cafe Orchestra, the track evolves and further influences reveal themselves. A ponderous bass is added, before the vocal is akin to a cathartic outpouring of emotion and frustration. Elements of ambient, jazz and indie pop. By then the arrangement has become ethereal, glacial and wistful. Growing in power and potency, this outpouring of emotion is accompanied by searing guitars, harmonies and bubbling keyboards. This results in the track heading in the direction of post-rock. A mesmeric, ethereal and cerebral fusion of influences, this glacial, genre-melting track, A Family Sketch is the perfect introduction to Call To Mind.

Call To Mind are unlike many other bands. Their music can variously be described as ethereal, glacial, enigmatic, minimalist, melancholy and pensive. A Family Sketch is a fusion of ambient,  indie rock, jazz, indie pop and soulful vocals. The artists that have influenced Call To Mind’ are just as varied. Listen carefully and you’ll hear Sigur Ros, Astrid Williamson, Bartok, Blue Nile, Brian Eno, Cocteau Twins, Jerry Burns, and Kate Bush. Such a diverse and eclectic range of influences make for music that’s intriguing and compelling.

Indeed, from the opening bars of A Family Sketch to the closing notes, you’re spellbound. Layer upon layer of multi-textured, genre-sprawling music toys with your emotions.  Intrigued, you wonder where Call To Mind are taking you? It’s like a musical journey, during a cinematic soundscape. Veering between ethereal and beautiful, this glacial soundscape, A Family Sketch is musical perfection from Call To Mind, who are one of Scotland’s best kept musical secrets.


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