Over the last few years, Nutritious has forged a reputation as one of the best remixers and producers in New York. Considering the fierce competition, that’s quite an achievement. Anyone who heard Nutritious’ remixes or productions will know that he’s got a big future ahead of him. That’s why Nutritious’ reputation and fan-base is quickly growing. Not only that, but he’s received the backing of Soul Clap and Boddhi Satva. With critical acclaim from his peers, you realise that Nutritious is a man to watch. He’s also a man with several strings to his musical bow.

Apart from remixes and production, Nutritious is one of New York’s top DJs. He throws some of the best parties in his hometown. Then there’s SpinSpin NYC, Nutritious’ record label. Based in Brooklyn, SpinSpin NYC has gained a reputation as a record company who release innovative music. This includes Nutritious Presents Duke Williams and The Extremes, Internal Device’s Life In Stereo and Cubez’s Skams. Away from SpinSpin NYC Nutritious is forging a career as one of the premier remixers. Proof of this is Nutritious latest remix of You Took It All, which is available from Nurvous Records. 

Recently, Nutritious was asked to remix You Took It All which features Yazmine Azaiez. This is the latest release for D-Compost and Sophia Chumburindze. It’s given a musical makeover by New York’s top remixer and producer Nutritious. Best described as a fusion of indie dance, Nu Disco, electro, pop and house Nutritious draws inspiration from the past to make the music of the future. 

From the opening bars of You Took It All, it’s apparent that not only is Nutritious back, but back with a bang. He uses the music of the past to reinvent the track. It has a rocky, raucous sound. This is good time party music. Drums pound and crack, joining searing guitars and stabs of synths. They create an irresistible and hypnotic backdrop for Yazmine’s vocal. She seems to draw inspiration from early Madonna. Enveloped by a mesmeric arrangement that’s 120 beats per minutes, Jazmine’s  vocal is almost devoid of emotion. Deliberate and defiant, she struts her way through the track. Diva-esque describes her performance, while buzzing, synths, pounding drums and percussion play supporting role to Yazmine’s vocal. Nutritious ensures that Yazmine plays a starring role in this delicious and irresistible genre-melting remix. 

You Took It All further reinforces that Nutritious is the go-to-guy for anyone looking for a top class remix. D-Compost and Sophia Chumburindze couldn’t have picked a better man for the job. Nutritious is quickly establishing a reputation as New York’s premier remixers. He reinvents tracks. In his hands, good tracks become great and great tracks become classics in waiting. Quite simply, Nutritious is a master at work.  He’s a Picasso among producers. Other remixer haven’t quite got what he has. They’re mere pretenders. Proof of this is You Took It All, which is guaranteed to get any party started. Featuring a dive-esque vocal from Yazmine Azaiez, it’s joyous, good-time, party music. Mind you, that’s not surprising.

Whether it’s as remixer or producer, Nutritious only makes good music. Nutritious makes music that’s guaranteed to fill dance-floors from New York to Newark. The latest floor-filler from Nutritious is the irresistible, hypnotic and genre-melting You Took It All. In the hands of Nutritious, an innovative and pioneering producer and remixer, this track takes on new life. 

You Took It All which is available on Nurvous Records, marks the start of  another chapter in the life and times of Nutritious. DJ, remixer, producer and purveyor of parties to the great and good of New York, that’s Nutritious‘ raison d’etre. One listen to You Took It All, a joyous and irresistible slice of good-time, party music and you’ll realise Nutritious has done it again. 


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