Nowadays, when we hear a song we’ve never heard before, we can find out everything we want to know at the click of a button. We either log on to the internet, or reach for our phones. Not this time. Freddie Fiction’s debut single I Don’t Dream isn’t all it seems.

Freddie Fiction is an international man of mystery. There’s a reason for this. Freddie Fiction isn’t who he seems. He’s actually a successful artist, but is keeping is identity under wraps. It’s a case of who is this masked man?

On the cover of I Don’t Dream, Freddie Fiction’s face is obscured by a mask. Try as I may, I’ve been unable to work out who Freddie Fiction is. One thing I can tell you, is he’s clearly talented. I Don’t Dream is described as: “an anti-love song.” It’s wistful, pensive, soulful and moody.  I Don’t Dream is also melodic, cerebral, ethereal, pensive and understated. Quite simply, it’s a beautiful song that’s a reminder of how music used to sound. However, there’s more to Freddie Fiction than one track.

Soon, Freddie Fiction will release tracks tinged with humour and social comment. This includes Big Corporation and Pistol Pete. Maybe by then, Freddie Fiction will have been unmasked. The hunt for Freddie Fiction’s identity is a modern day treasure hunt. That’s no exaggeration. 

Prizes are being offered if you can guess Freddie Fiction’s identity. So, have a listen to I Don’t Dream and maybe you’ll be the person to unmask Freddie Fiction.


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