For a while, there’s been a real shortage of guitar bands. Not any more. Manchester-based Nude have entered the building. Nude are an old school band who’ve just released their debut E.P. The Rockfield Live Demonstrations, which features one of my favourite tracks of the moment Oh My Lady. Unsurprisingly, given the E.P’s title, it was recorded at  the illustrious Rockfield Studios. 

The road to Rockfield Studios is a well trodden path for bands who are going places. Everyone from New Order, The Beta Band, The Stone Roses and Teenage Fanclub have recorded at Rockfield Studios. Add to that illustrious list, Nude. 

Nude headed to Rockfield Studios, Monmouth to record their debut E.P. They were so pleased with the result that they named their debut E.P. The Rockfield Live Demonstrations. One of the tracks is Oh My Lady, a fusion of indie rock, jangling Byrdsian guitars and some funky licks thrown into the mix. Then there’s Indigo Ford vocal. It’s heartfelt and needy as it delivers this paean. Behind the bluster it seems, Nude have a sensate side. However, who are Nude and where did it all begin?

It was at Manchester’s College of Music that the four members of Nude met. Each of the four members of Nude contribute to the band’s positive upbeat indie sound. They also have lived a life and found themselves in few strange situations. So, let’s meet Nude.

Well let’s start with the rhythm section. Drummer Will Jaquet  is a native of Edinburgh, who turned his back on a possibly glittering football career with Celtic. There was a problem though. Will had a penchant for red cards.

Joining him in the rhythm section is bassist Frank Morgan. His claim to fame is falling down a shallow mine on the outskirts of Newport, only for his beloved bass to break his fall. He’s the lucky member of Nude.

Guitarist Jonny Smale the only Mancunian in Nude. His previous band Carpe Diem, which featured drummer “Funky Si” Simon Wolstencroft. They supported Ian Brown of the legendary Stone Roses.

Then there’s vocalist Indigo Ford. His grandmother was none other than Beryl Bainbridge. Now you know who Nude are, you can look out for them. Why?

Well one listen to Nude’s debut E.P. The Rockfield Live Demonstrations, and you’ll realise they’re a hugely talented band. Proof of this is Oh My Lady. It’s a delicious slice of indie rock with a funky side. Indigo Ford, shows Nude’s sensitive side with his heartfelt vocal. This is just a tantalising taste of what Nude are capable of. They look to have a big future ahead of him.

Tight, talented, charismatic and confident describes Nude. They’re currently on a tour of the UK promoting The Rockfield Live Demonstrations. If you get a chance, catch Nude live. They’re going places and it’s only a matter of time before Nude make the next step. 

Nude will released their single Oh My Lady on 24th March 2014. It’s from Nude’s E.P. The Rockfield Live Demonstrations.  Hopefully, soon, Nude will begin work on their debut album. Maybe by then Nude will have signed to either one of the top independents or a major label. That wouldn’t surprise me. When you  hear Oh My Lady it won’t surprise you either.


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