Any band that’s working with a two-time Grammy Award winning producer has something going for them. That’s definitely the case with Kilindu. They’re currently working on an album with none other than, Grammy winning producer, Bob Cutarella. He’s previously worked with musical royalty. This includes everyone from Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards and Allison Krauss. That’s not forgetting John Legend and Joss Stone. So when Robert agreed to work with Kilindu, suddenly, people sat up and took notice. Kilindu must be a band going places. They are. Listen to their forthcoming single O Que O Futuro and you’ll realise that. Kilindu have come a long way since their early days in Lisbon.

Kilindu are a sextet, who were formed in Lisbon, Portugal by guitarist Pedro Duarte and singer João Pedreira. Just like the rest of the band, Pedro and João are experienced musicians who’ve spent a lifetime dedicated to music. Each member brings something new to the band. Their musical tastes, influences and styles vary. That’s no bad thing. It makes for eclectic music.

Genre-melting describes Kilindu’s music. It’s a fusion of music from across the continents. All their musical influences shine through in their music. Kilindu, it seems, have been influenced by the music of Portugal, Cuba, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde and America. That proves to be the case.

Everything from European, Latin American, Afro Cuban, African and American music melts into one. This includes Portuguese Fado music, Cape Verde’s traditional Morna, Brazilian Samba, Cuban Habanera and Latin jazz plays its part in Kilindu’s music. it’s a delicious musical fusion, that’s becoming increasingly popular.

That’s definitely the case and has resulted in Kilindu being asked to open for some of the biggest names in music. Among them, are Kings Of Leon. This helped spread the word about Kilindu’s eclectic, genre-melting music. It’s been winning friends and influencing people, and will continue to do so.

Especially, with the release of Kilindu’s forthcoming single O Que O Futuro. One listen and they’ll be won over by its breathtaking beauty. Featuring a heartfelt, soul baring vocal from João Pedreira, the rest of Kilindu create a pulsating, joyous and sultry backdrop. The result is a single that’s soulful, jazz-tinged and beautiful. No wonder. It’s apparent from O Que O Futuro that each of Kilindu are hugely talented musicians, musicians who have a big future ahead of them.

The next chapter in the Kilindu story is the release of O Que O Futuro. Then there’s the main event, their forthcoming album, which is being produced by Bob Cutarella. He’s a man whose worked with the great and good of music, and has recognised Kilindu’s potential. Kilindu and their unique brand of genre-melting music have a big future ahead of them. This begins with the release of  Kilindu ‘s new single O Que O Futuro.





  1. Hello Derek 🙂 thank you for writing about Kilindu, feel free do get in touch so we can keep in touch! -Your new friends from Lisbon – Kilindu

    • Hi Kilindu,

      Glad you enjoyed my review of O Que O Futuro. I really enjoyed O Que O Futuro and I’m looking forward to hearing the rest of the album. Once it’s ready to go it would be a pleasure to review it. Good luck with O Que O Futuro and the album.

      Best Wishes,

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