I Like It. That’s not just the title of Monica Axull’s new single, but what anyone whose heard the single so far, thinks of it. Monica Azull many people believe, is a star in the waiting.  She looks like she’s on the cusp of a successful career. She’s come a long way in a short time and looks like fulfilling her lifelong ambition.

All Monica has ever wanted to do, was make a career as a singer and songwriter. That’s been the case since Monica arrived in England aged eight. Monica’s parents come from Uganda and Congo. They brought Monica to England as a child. That’s where Monica’s career started to take shape.

Music has been a lifelong love for Monica. So it was no surprise that Monica headed to performing arts school. She’d been writing songs from an early age. At performing arts school, the first time she sang live, she was hooked. The audience loved her music. It was intoxicating. Adrenal coursed through her veins, reaffirming what Monica already knew, she was going to make music her career.

While many people dream of making music their career. Monica Azull has turned a dream into reality. Her debut single I Like It is an example of Monica’s songwriting skills. I Like It sees Monica draw upon her own experiences. She describes how the song came about: “at the time, there was this guy that was pursuing me, I also happened to think he was cute but didn’t want to tell him how I felt towards him. I feared that a relationship would interfere with my ambitions… I’m sure every woman has their fantasies!” So, love, love lost and ambition is a heady brew for  Monica Axull’s new single, I Like It.

I Like It is a fusion of R&B, Nu Soul and urban. It’s also hugely soulful, hopeful and oozes positivity. Monica’s vocal is needy, heartfelt and sultry. She’s a singer whose carrying on the tradition of Jill Scott, Erkah Badu, India Arie and Lauryn Hill. With the right people behind her and a supportive label, Monica Azuli could be the UK’s next First Lady of Nu Soul. You’ll realise that when you hear Monica Azull’s debut single I Like It, which shows that dreams can come true. 



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