Nowadays, there aren’t many bands that manage to record an album in a week. Instead, some bands take years to record an album. Partly, that’s down to the way albums are recorded.

Forty years ago, the only way to record an album, was in a recording studio. That  cost money. So, the only bands able to record an album, were those signed to a record company. Nowadays, that’s not the case.

In the last twenty years, the way in which albums are recorded has changed beyond recognition. No longer, do bands need recording studios. Instead, all that’s needed is laptop containing a Digital Audio Workstation and some VSTs. Add to this, an audio interface and any aspiring band can record their debut album. That’s exactly what the Mega Jawns did early this year.

The Mega Jawns were founded on 10th March 2014. That’s when two veteran producers met in a basement in West Philly. That’s where Philly keyboard player, vocalist and producer Will Brock and UK producer and DJ Will Sumsuch. Having shaken hands on the 10th March 2014, seven days later Mega Jawns’ debut album Ten Letters From Home was completed. Six months later, Ten Letters From Home was released by BBE Records on 22nd September 2014. Now, two months later, Mega Jawns have released Little Lady as a single. It’s the latest chapter in the story of two veteran producers.

Sometimes, artists or producers can struggle for years before they make a breakthrough. Then when they meet a new collaborator, their fortunes change. That wasn’t quite the way it was for the two Wills, Will Brock and Will Sumsuch. They were both enjoying relatively successful careers. However, they were approaching the stage in their musical careers when they were referred to as veterans. This was the case with the two Wills.

Philly keyboardist, vocalist and producer Will Brock has been a stalwart of the international jazz and soul scene for more years than he can care to remember. He’s spent what seems like a lifetime touring and performing. Will hasn’t just criss-crossed America, but the world. In doing so, Will has toured and played with everyone from The Stylistics, Miles Jaye and Marion Meadows. However, it’s not just touring that Will Brock enjoys.

When he’s at home, Will enjoys working in the studio. He’s a pianist and producer. Previously, Will has released singles on King Street Records. He’s also recorded with Stephanie Cooke and King Britt. Will is also one  as one half of production duo Soul Dhamma. The other Will, Will number two, has an equally impressive CV.

Will Sumsuch is a UK based producer and DJ. He’s a mainstay of the European deep house scene. That’s been the case for over ten years. With his DJ case packed with the deepest house, Will has played all over Europe. One night it’ll be Barcelona, the next Helsinki. The life of a globe-trotting DJ is best described as have passport, will travel. When he’s not DJ-ing, Will’s a respected producer.

Just like most successful DJs, Will is also a producer. His music is popular among the DJ-ing community. Look into the DJ case of Ben Watt, Osunlade, Justin Martin and Jody Wisternoff, and they’ll have tracks by Will Sumsuch amongst their secret weapons. Will’s cerebral style of electronic music is winning over DJs and dancers. It was whist Will  Sumsuchwas making one of his singles Simpatico, that he first met Will Brock.

That was back in 2013. The two Wills first collaborated on Will Sumsuch’s 2013 single Simpatico. Will released Simpatico on his own label Colour and Pitch. Quickly, Simpatico found a following within the DJ-ing fraternity. One of the first people to pick up on Simpatico was house vocalist Robert Owens. That was just the start. Soon, others got behind Simpatico. For the two Wills, this was the start of a fruitful collaboration.

Fast forward to 10th March 2014. That’s when the two Wills first met. Having shook hands, they started work. They joked about making an album within a week. However, they both thought that maybe, they’d manage to record a couple of tracks. After all, recording an album in a week was a step too far? Surely?

It wasn’t. Ten Letters From Home is proof of that. It’s a meeting of two musical minds. On Ten Letters From Home, Will Brock adds a Philly Soul influence. Meanwhile, Will Sumsuch adds an understated European electronica influence to Ten Letters From Home. The Mega Jawns debut album Ten Letters From Home, was an intriguing fusion of ideas, influences and genres. One of Ten Letters From Home’s highlights, was Little Lady, which was recently released on BBE Music as a single.

Unlike the “old days,” when a single had just an A and B side, nowadays, a single can contain anything up to eight tracks. The Mega Jawns’ new single features just three tracks. There’s the original version of Little Lady, which  closed their debut album Ten Letters From Home. From the get-go, the arrangement to Little Lady gets funky. Bass, guitar and keyboards join forces with drums as Will delivers another powerhouse of a vocal. He’s augmented by harmonies. They add the finishing touch to this joyous, uplifting slice of Nu Philly Soul. There’s also the Eat More Cake remix which gives the single a delicious dance-floor friendly remix. The other version is the instrumental version. Again, this version will appeal to DJs who’ve discovered the sound and delights of Mega Jawns, who have taken advantage of the new way of recording.

Music has changed almost beyond recognition in the past twenty years. Nowadays, a generation of artists regard  recording studios as a relic of the past. DAWs, drum machines and synths the way to make music. It’s a much cheaper and easier way to make music. The advent of technology  accessible for a new generation of producers. This includes the Mega Jawns.

Nowadays, producers like Will Brock and Will Sumsuch can meet and collaborate over the internet. Using DAWs packed full of VSTs and samples, the Mega Jawns can collaborate across the Atlantic. All they need is a high speed broadband connection. Many producers collaborate like this. However, that’s not how Mega Jawns recorded Little Lady, their new single from their debut album Ten Letters From Home. Little Lady which was recently released by BBE Music was the result of transatlantic collaboration.

Will Sumsuch jumped on a plane and flew the redeye to Philly. That’s where he met Will Brock. They met on 10th March 2014 and joked about making an album in a week. That might have seemed like a pipe dream. It wasn’t. The Mega Jawns managed to record their debut album Ten Letters From Home in seven days.

The Mega Jawns  wrote, recorded and mixed Ten Letters From Home within seven days. That’s good going nowadays. No longer do artists record quickly. Instead, they spend years trying to complete an album. That Ten Letters From Home was recorded within seven days. Many modern producers should learn from the Mega Jawns.

Too many producers don’t attach a monitory value to the time they spent within their home studio. They forget the maxim that time is money. For every hour, day and week they spent auditioning claps and kick drums, it’s costing them money. So if an artist spends a year on an album, there’s no way they’re really making money. Their royalties won’t come close to covering costs. The Mega Jawns didn’t make this mistake.

They worked quickly and they worked well. Pooling their resources, the Mega Jawns wrote, recorded, produced  and mixed the ten tracks on Ten Letters From Home. One of its highlights was Little Lady. It was a case of the Mega Jawns keeping the best to last.

Little Lady is soulful, sultry, dance-floor friendly and full of hooks. Musical genres and influences literally melt into one.  Nu Soul meets elements of jazz, jazzy house and soulful house. There’s even a nod to Philly’s soulful past. For anyone yet to discover the delights of the Mega Jawns, then Little Lady is the place to start. After that, you’re bound to want to discover the delights of the Mega Jawns’ debut album Ten Letters From Home.



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