Ever since 2012, Patrick O’Laoghaire has been one of music’s rising stars. Patrick first came to prominence as a member of Dublin based band Slow Skies. They were founded in  2012, and  featured Karen Sheridan, Conal Herron and Patrick O’Laoghaire. Less than a year later,  and Slow Skies were ready to release their debut E.P.

Slow Skies released their debut E.P., Close in May 2013. Close was well received by critics. A great future was forecast for the Dublin based trio.

Fast forward to September 2014, and Slow Skies had released their sophomore E.P. Keepsake .  Suddenly, critics were taking notice of Slow Skies. They were now classed as “one to watch.” However, by then, Patrick O’Laoghaire had also embarked upon a solo career.

For the last  few couple of years, Patrick had been contemplating a career as a singer-songwriter. So, he adopted the pseudonym I Have A Tribe, and was soon  one music’s rising stars.

I Have A Tribe released their debut E.P. Yellow Raincoats in May 2014. Yellow Raincoats, which featured four songs penned by Patrick, was recorded in Dublin. Monsoon was produced by Conor O’Brien, who added beats and synths.  Rob Ellis played on and produced, Yellow Raincoats, Biscayne and Wake The Cavalry (We’re Moving On). Once the four tracks were recorded and mastered, the Yellow Raincoats E.P. was ready for release in Europe by Grönland Records.

The Yellow Raincoats E.P. was released in May 2014. It was released to widespread critical acclaim. Critics were won over by I Have A Tribe’s fusion of folk and pop. The highlight of the Yellow Raincoats E.P., was Monsoon, a beautiful ballad. It caught the attention of Anna Calvi.

Anna Calvi was about to head off on a tour of Europe. She was looking for an opening act. When she heard Monsoon, Anna decided that I Have A Tribe fitted the bill. 

So, each night, during Anna Calvi’s European tour, I Have A Tribe opened for her. Suddenly, I Have A Tribe’s music was being heard across Europe. Patrick O’Laoghaire was winging friends and influencing people, including Villagers.

Just like Anna Calvi, Villagers were looking for someone to open their Irish homecoming show. Who better than fellow countryman, I Have A Tribe? Villagers couldn’t have picked a better act. I Have A Tribe charmed the audience with their unique fusion of pop and folk. This however, wasn’t the end of this whirlwind year.

Over  a twelve month period, I Have A Tribe were asked to play at some of the biggest music festivals. This included The Great Escape, Electric Picnic, the Reeperbahn Festival and CMJ in New York.  Things it seemed, couldn’t get much better. However, it did.

I Have A Tribe was asked to headline at The Button Factory in Dublin. For Dublin based Patrick O’Laoghaire this was a huge thrill. Especially when he was welcomed with open arms by his hometown audience. With every appearance, it seemed, I Have A Tribe’s star was in the ascendancy. So, it was time for I Have A Tribe to record the followup to Yellow Raincoats, which I’ll tell you about.

Monsoon opens the Yellow Raincoats’ E.P. Accompanied by just a lone piano, Patrick’s vocal is heartfelt and emotive, as he delivers the cinematic lyrics. He paints pictures with his lyrics. So much so, that you can imagine the scenes unfolding before your eyes, and a Monsoon sweeping in. Meanwhile, Patrick is safely “cocooned” in his cottage in the hills. By then, a drum machine accompanies the piano. Patrick’s vocal is akin to a cathartic outpouring of emotion as he warns “Monsoon coming.”

Synths open Yellow Raincoats. They have an almost industrial sound. Their sound is bold, becoming almost hypnotic. Meanwhile Patrick’s vocal is wistful and almost grief-stricken. Guitars chime and ring out. Still the industrial synths, click and clack ominously. It’s as if they’re reflecting what Patrick’s feeling and suffering. That’s despair. As Patrick delivers a soul-searching vocal, the lyric “the depression rose in my throat,” is akin to a glimpse of his weary, troubled soul. 

Patrick dawns the role of troubadour on Biscayne, a quite beautiful ballad. That’s apparent from the opening bars. Accompanied by his guitar, he sings: “I don’t want to let you down.” As string synths sweep  in and ripple, Patrick almost uses his voice as instrument. It soars and weaves above the arrangement, sounding not unlike Jeff Buckley circa Grace. That might sound like high praise, but Patrick O’Laoghaire is a hugely talented singer. Especially when he becomes a balladeer, like does on Biscayne a beautiful ballad.

Wake The Cavalry (We’re Moving On) closes the Yellow Raincoats E.P. Briefly, the arrangement quivers and trembles, before resonating and introducing Patrick’s vocal. He sings: “my pills are gone, my evening settled.” As he does, his voices quivers. Meanwhile, a piano, and soon synths are added. Later, as Patrick sings slowly and emotively, harmonies are added. So is a drum machine. By then there’s an element of drama. Especially, as Patrick sings: “Wake The Cavalry (We’re Moving On), run to Calgary.” There’s an element of drama as he delivers the cinematic lyrics. Later, harmonies respond to Patrick’s call, adding to the ethereal quality of this cerebral, dramatic and thoughtful ballad.  

Although the Yellow Raincoats E.P.  only features four songs from I Have A Tribe, one thing is obvious, and that is that I Have A Tribe are one of music’s rising stars. Other people have realised that. 

Anna Calvi asked I Have A Tribe to open for her on her 2014 European tour. Villagers asked I Have A Tribe to open for on their Irish homecoming concert. Numerous festival bookers were keen to add I Have A Tribe to their roster. Soon, I Have A Tribe had built a large, loyal following across Europe and in America. So, it’s no surprise that one of Europe’s leading labels have added I Have A Tribe to their roster.

Grönland Records have added I Have A Tribe to their illustrious roster. They’ll release I Have A Tribe’s music in Europe. That should prove the perfect label for I Have A Tribe, as Grönland Records is also home to singer-songwriter William Fitzsimmons. Hopefully, I Have A Tribe will reach the same heights as William Fitzsimmons.

Certainly, Patrick O’Laoghaire a.k.a. I Have A Tribe, is a talented singer, songwriter and musician. He writes songs that are beautiful, cerebral, cinematic, melancholy, poignant, thoughtful and touching. They’re framed by arrangements that are understated. They don’t get in the way of the vocal. Instead, the vocal is allowed to breath and becomes the focus of your attention. That’s as it should be. 

Patrick’s delivery is heartfelt, emotive and melancholy. He doesn’t so much deliver the lyrics, but lives them. That’s why there’s an intensity to the four tracks on  I Have A Tribe’s Yellow Raincoats debut E.P.

While the Yellow Raincoats E.P. is I Have A Tribe’s debut E.P., it won’t be their last. Another E.P. from I Have A Tribe is due for release on Grönland Records. I’m sure that the music on I Have A Tribe’s sophomore E.P. will be just as beautiful, intense and powerful as the four tracks on the Yellow Raincoats E.P.



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