Peter Broderick-All Together Again.

Label: Erased Tapes Records. 

In late 2017, Erased Tapes released All Together Again which was the new album by thirty year old American musician and composer Peter Broderick. All Together Again featured a collection of work that Peter Broderick had been commissioned to write and record for various projects and occasions over the last few years. Despite the nine tracks being  written and recorded at different times, they sit well together on All Together Again and become part of a cohesive album that showcases the considerable talents of the multitalented Peter Broderick.

He was born in Searsmont, Maine, on January the ’20th’ 1987, but when Peter Broderick was young his family moved to Carlton, in Oregon. That was where Peter Broderick went to school, and learnt to play a variety of musical instruments. This was no surprise,  as Peter Broderick came from a musical family, and by the time he left high school he was a talented and prodigious multi-instrumentalist.

When Peter Broderick was just sixteen, he was cofounded  the chamber pop band Loch Lomond in 2003, and later that year, they released their debut album When We Were Mountains later in 2003. 

Four years later, Loch Lomond returned with their sophomore album Paper The Walls in 2007. Let Me Start A Storm followed  in 2011, with Dresses which was released on Chemikal Underground, Loch Lomond’s finest album. Their most recent album is Pens From Spain, which was released in 2016. However, this was all in the future.

A year after co-founding  Loch Lomond,  Peter Broderick was one of the founders of the indie folk band Horse Feathers in 2004. They spent the next couple of years building a following before releasing their debut album Words Are Dead in 2006. By then, two new chapters in Peter Broderick’s career had begun.

In 2005, Peter Broderick self-released a mini album Music For the Musical Saw in 2005, and followed this up with 4-Track Songs in 2006. Little did, Peter Broderick realise that this was the start of a prolific and successful recording career as a solo artist and with several bands.

This included Norfolk and Western, who were an established band when Peter Broderick joined their ranks. He played on their 2006 album A Gilded Age and The Unsung Colony in 2006, but didn’t feature on their next album Dinero Severo in 2010. By then, Peter Broderick had left Oregon behind.

In 2007, Peter Broderick returned with a new album Docile, which was released by Kning Disk. This was a first, as Peter Broderick had self-released his two previous albums.  However, this wasn’t the only change in Peter Broderick’s life. 

He had decided to move to Denmark in 2007, where he began what proved to be long-term collaboration with the band Efterklang. Peter Broderick spent much of the next five years touring the world with Efterklang.

Still though,  Peter Broderick found time to work with other musicians, and played on  Horse Feathers’ sophomore album House With No Home, which was released in September 2008. However, it was the last Horse Feathers album to feature Peter Broderick.

During 2008, Peter Broderick released two albums Float and Home for the label Type, which specialised in experimental music. Both albums showed the direction that Peter Broderick’s music was moving in. 

Having released two albums during 2008, Peter Broderick went two better in 2009, and released four new albums. This included 4 Track Songs which was released on Type, Music For A Sleeping Sculpture Of Peter Broderick and Ten Duets. The other album Peter Broderick released was Music For Falling From Trees which was his debut for Erased Tape Records. Music For Falling From Trees was a thirty-minute piece in seven sections, that Peter Broderick created for a contemporary dance by London-based choreographer Adrienne Hart at Neon Dance. This was the start of a relationship that eight years later, is still going strong.

By 2010, Peter Broderick was still collaborating with Efterklang, and Loch Lomond was working on their new album Let Me Start A Storm which was released in 2011. However, Peter Broderick returned with his second album for  Erased Tape Records, Music For Congregation in 2010. It was  one of Peter Broderick’s finest albums, and one of his most powerful albums. Later in 2010, Peter Broderick released How They Are on Bella Union which rounded off a busy year. However, the following year, 2011 would be one of the busiest of Peter Broderick’s career.

Loch Lomond returned with their third album, Let Me Start A Storm, which was their first album in four years. However, Peter Broderick’s new project Oliveray released their debut album Wonders in 2011. Then their was the small matter of six collaborations and one solo album.

In 2011, Peter Broderick released Music For Confluence which was his third album for Erased Tapes Records. Music For Confluence which was the soundtrack to Jennifer Anderson and Vernon Lott’s documentary film on five unsolved murders in Idaho was released to widespread critical acclaim. However, Music For Confluence was just one of six albums Peter Broderick released during 2011.

He also released albums where Peter Broderick had collaborated with Laura Arkana, Rauelsson, Penelope Joy, Takumi Uesaka and Machinefabriek. Peter Broderick’s star was definitely in the ascendancy, and many artists were keen to collaborate with the twenty-four year old who had achieved a lot in a short space of time.

By 2012, Peter Broderick continued to collaborate with Efterklang, and was also working as a session musician, remixer and producer. Still he found time to release two new albums during 2012. This included, for the Bella Union label The other album was These Walls Of Mine, which was Peter Broderick’s third album for Erased Tapes Records. It was a soul-baring album where Peter Broderick that featured gospel, soul to spoken word, beatboxing and rap. This was yet another album of groundbreaking music from the prolific twenty-five year old.

In 2013 Peter Broderick decided to return home to America, and to  where he grew up in Portland. Now living not far from the Pacific Ocean, which was where the story began just ten years earlier in 2003,  Peter Broderick began work on Float 2 which was released by Erased Tapes Records later in 2013. Float 2 found favour with critics, and Peter Broderick’s continued apace.

Peter Broderick returned in 2014 with two new albums, including the  mini debut album from his latest project with Greg Haines. This was Greg Gives Peter Space, who released their eponymous debut album on Erased Tapes Records in June 2014. Later that year, Peter Broderick + Gabriel Saloman’s eponymous album which was released on the Portland based independent label Beacon Sound. This was the latest in a long of collaborations that Peter Broderick had been involved in over the last few years.

When Peter Broderick returned in 2015, it was with Colours Of The Night which was his third album for Bella Union. After this, Peter Broderick’s next two albums were on Erased Tapes Records. This included Partners which was released in 2016. However, in 2017 yet another new chapter began for Peter Broderick. 

This was the release of a new duo project between Peter Broderick and his musical partner David Allred. They had collaborated on album together, and in 2017 Allred and Broderick released their debut album on Erased Tapes Records. However, in late 2017 Peter Broderick returned with a new solo album, All Together Again which again, was released by  Erased Tapes Records.

All Together Again.

All Together Again featured nine tracks that Peter Broderick  had been commissioned to write and record for various projects and occasions over the last few years. Despite the nine tracks being  written and recorded at different times, Peter Broderick realised that they formed the basis for a cohesive album, and decided to release them as All Together Again. They’re akin to Peter Broderick’s musical CV, and show what the multitalented composer and musician is capable of.

By the time Peter Broderick released All Together Again he had just turned thirty, and was an experienced and quite prolific artist. He still was a member of Loch Lomond, was part of Laura Gibson’s backing band and still a member of Efterklang and North and Western’s touring bands. Peter Broderick was also still a member of Laura Gibson’s band. The nine tracks on All Together Again allowed him to reflect on the music that he had been making over the past few years.

Unlike previous albums, All Together Again doesn’t just feature one or two musical genres. Instead, there’s elements of ambient,  electronica and indie pop on the ruminative and dreamy sounding If I Were a Runway Model, which opens All Together Again. Robbie’s Song is another genre-melting track, and has a cinematic sound as ambient, electronica and modern classical combine with drama. A Ride On The Bosphorus is a seventeen minute epic that allows Peter Broderick to showcases his considerable talents as he paints pictures with music on a cinematic, dramatic and uplifting opus. 

Emily finds Peter Broderick drawing inspiration from his indie folk roots in a beautiful contemporary folk ballad. Our Future in Wedlock is an understated and lo-fi piano lead track that invites reflection during a track that is rich in imagery. 

Just a lone wistful violin opens The Walk, which sounds as if it’s been influenced by Celtic music and especially Irish music. No wonder, as Peter Broderick spent several years living in Ireland before returning to Portland. Another familiar sight during his time living in Ireland would be the Atlantic Ocean. It’s obviously inspired Peter Broderick, as he’s named a track Atlantic. Here, he combines ambient, drone music  and electronica with Celtic music. Especially Irish music which plays a part in a haunting, cinematic and dramatic track. 

Quite different to everything that has gone before is Seeing Things. Peter Broderick’s distant, vocal and strummed acoustic guitar sit behind an arrangement where elements of avant-garde and electronica. It’s the perfect accompaniment to troubled troubadour’s despairing vocal.

Closing All Together Again is Unsung Heroes, which lasts just over sixteen minutes, and sounds as it belongs on the soundtrack to a sci-fi film. No wonder, given its dubby, futuristic and otherworldly sound where Peter Broderick combines music, dialogue, samples and effects to create one of the most cinematic tracks on All Together Again, which is truly  rich in imagery.

For anyone yet to discover Peter Broderick’s music, then All Together Again which was recently released by Erased Tapes Records, is the perfect starting place.The nine tracks show the different sides to Peter Broderick, who is a gifted, talented and versatile composer, musician and producer. That is apparent All Together Again on, which is also the perfect introduction to Peter Broderick’s career at Erased Tapes Records, where he has released some of the best music of his solo career.

When he’s not recording, Peter Broderick continues to tour the world as a solo artist, and with various musicians and bands. He’s also still a member of Loch Lomond, who continue to release albums. For anyone yet to discover this vastly underrated group their 2011 album Dresses, which was released on Chemikal Underground Records was their finest hour.

When it comes to Peter Broderick’s solo career there’s been many highlights since he signed to Erased Tapes Records. It’s as if  Peter Broderick has found the perfect label for his music, and he’s blossomed creatively since signing to Erased Tapes Records. He’s released several collaborations and solo albums since 2009, which showcase the considerable talents of the man from Portland, Oregon, including All Together Again which is a carefully crafted, cohesive album and the perfect introduction to Peter Broderick’s Erased Tapes Records’ years.

Peter Broderick-All Together Again.

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  1. What a history you have chronicled!

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