The Best Vinyl Releases Of 2017 Part 4.

The Monkees-Summer Of Love.

Label: Rhino.

Even today, The Monkees divides the opinion of many critics and record buyers. Partly that is because of the perception that The Monkees were a manufactured band that was the brainchild of television executives. Despite that, The Monkees went on to enjoy a long successful career. They also released a number of psychedelic songs that feature on Summer Of Love. It features some of the finest moments of The Monkees’ dalliance with psychedelia. Sadly, The Monkees’ psychedelic side of The Monkees is oft-overlooked and makes a welcome appearance on Summer Of Love which shows another side of America’s very own fab four.


The Orchestra Soledad-Vamonos/Let’s Go!-Vinyl.

Label: BBE.

When The Orchestra Soledad released their debut album Vamonos/Let’s Go! in late-1970, they were a popular band who played to packed houses that featured not just the Latino community in Brooklyn, but the wider community. Despite their popularity locally, The Orchestra Soledad’s album Vamonos/Let’s Go! failed to find an audience. After that, Vamonos/Let’s Go! became just another musical curio that sometimes, crate diggers in New York stumbled across in record shops and local flea markets. Eventually, it became a sought after rarity that changed hands for upwards of $600. No wonder, given the irresistible, joyous, dance-floor friendly, beautiful and soulful of the Brooklyn based salsa band.

The Zodiac-Cosmic Sounds-Vinyl.

Label: Rhino.

When The Zodiac’s Cosmic Sounds was released in January 1967, very few people realised the importance of this groundbreaking concept album which featured twelve tracks that were described as psychedelic mood music. It featured a myriad of exotic and electronic instruments and spoken prose that came courtesy of Cyrus Faryar. Sadly, it failed to find an audience and it was only later that record buyers and critics realised that Cosmic Sounds was a psychedelic cult classic. However, it’s a psychedelic cult classic, that: “must be played in the dark.”

Transparent Days: West Coasts Nuggets.


To celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer Of Love, a two-LP set Transparent Days: West Coasts Nuggets which was compiled by Alec Palao was released. It features thirty songs, including contributions from The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, The West Coast Branch, Gerry Pond, The Tikis, Art Guy, The Mojo Men, The Association, The Truth, The Bonniwell Music Machine, The Electric Prunes and Love. These are just a few of the bands that feature on Transparent Days: West Coasts Nuggets that provided the soundtrack to the Summer Of Love. These songs on Transparent Days: West Coasts Nuggets ooze quality and are sure to bring memories come flooding back for music fans of a certain vintage.


Vanilla Fudge-Vanilla Fudge-Vinyl.

Label: Rhino 

When Vanilla Fudge released their eponymous debut album at the height of the Summer Of Love in 1967, it reached number six in the US Billboard 200. This was no surprise as Vanilla Fudge was a groundbreaking album. Vanilla Fudge fused psychedelia, rock and blues rock on an album that features half-speed covers and three short original instrumental compositions. Nowadays, Vanilla Fudge s considered a classic album and one of the most innovative albums released during 1967.



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