Daily Archives: March 26th, 2018


Bill Frisell-Music Is. LABEL: Okeh-Sony Music. Sixty-seven year old American jazz guitarist, composer and arranger Bill Frisell was born in Baltimore, but grew up in Denver, Colorado, where his love of music blossomed. Bill Frisell’s  love of music is just as strong today, as it’s ever been, and proof of this is his new solo album Music Is …

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Gabriele Poso-Awakening-Vinyl Edition. Label: BBE Music. Release Date: ‘30th’ of March 2018. Italian multi-instrumentalist and master percussion Gabriele Poso’s lifelong love affair with music began after he discovered his family’s record collection as child. This was a cultural awakening for Gabriele Poso who was soon discovering the delights of jazz, soul and Afro-Latin music. Before long, …

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