The Deli-Jazz Cat

Label: Cold Busted Record Company.

Each and every week of the year, major and independent record labels in across the world release new albums onto a fiercely competitive and crowed global marketplace. It’s a market where often, resources are scarce and the consumer can only afford one of two new releases each week. As a result, they take great care before buying a new album. Sometimes the cash strapped consumer choose something familiar rather than embrace the new and unfamiliar. In doing so, they miss out on releases of the quality of The Deli’s new album Jazz Cat which was recently released by Cold Busted Record Company.

For those unfamiliar with  hip hop beat maker The Deli, he was born David Pryor, in Austin, Texas, over the last few years has forged his own unique style. 

This came to the attention of many music  journalists in 2016, when he released his debut albumin  Vibes 3 on the Cold Busted Record Company. It showcased The Deli’s jazz-tinged,  lush, and smooth take on instrumental hip-hop and featured Flowers, which was played fourteen million times on Spotify. Soon, some critics were comparing  The Deli to boom-bap era greats like J Dilla, Pete Rock, Madlib, and MF Doom. They had all influenced The Deli, who was being described as one of hip hop’s rising stars,

Despite the success of the critically acclaimed Vibes 3, The Deli’s next album was  Encounters  a self-released cassette album released on the ‘1st’ June 2017. This low profile release was the only album The Deli released in 2017.

In 2018, Kid Abstrakt and The Deli joined forces to release Daydreaming. Then just a few months later, The Deli returned with his new album Jazz Cat.

On The Deli’s much anticipated album Jazz Cat features fifteen  jazz-tinged tracks. They’re best described as laid back and smokey slices of enticing hip hop instrumentals where the past and present collide.

To do this, The Deli recycles the music of the past to create hip hop’s future. Especially on the cinematic city sound of Jazz Cat, as The Deli combines snares that snap and crackle with melodic piano chords. Elsewhere the music is filmic and rich in imagery and brings to mind big cities that would be the neural habitat of a Jazz Cat like The Deli. He’s also responsible for the dreamy and ruminative Virgo Flip and Fractals. 

Very different is Spring a hip hop block party where The Deli provides a street smart soundtrack. He’s not done yet and has more surprises in store. This includes  the carefully crafted and jazz-tinged Going Home, which  gives way to Rainy Day In Japan that closes Jazz Can on another high.

The Deli’s new album Jazz Cat is a career defining release from the Austin-based beatmaker who has a big future in front of him. Especially if The Deli continues to release albums of the quality of Jazz Cat. This carefully craved album of jazz-tinged, smoky and cinematic sounding instrumental hip-hop showcases the considerable talents if hip hop’s rising star and Jazz Cat The Deli.

The Deli-Jazz Cat

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