Øyvind Torvund-The Exotica Album.

Label: Hubro Music.

With some albums, nothing is as at seems as a myriad of disparate sounds assail the listener leaving them wondering what was that I heard? It was, wasn’t it? Surely not? It was. This argument rages on as they contemplate the music that they’ve just heard. That is the case with Øyvind Torvund’s new release The Exotica Album, which has just been released on Hubro Music.

The Exotica Album was commissioned by the Bit20 Ensemble and premiered at Oslo’s Only Connect festival in May 2017, and features the Ensemble conducted by Trond Madsen and stars saxophonist Kjetil Moster and Jorgen Traeen on electronics. They’re part of an album where nothing is as it seems, and is very different to the majority of albums being released during 2019.

There’s everything from choruses of whistling leads that sound as if they’ve been inspired by old Disney movies the synthesised sounds of jungle animals and beautiful lush and sensuous strings. They’re joined by synths that imitate strings, distortion, jabs of piano, distorted percussion, stabs of an Alpine horn, a spiritual jazz saxophone and what’s meant to resemble bird song, but is actually the sound of a short wave radio. Meanwhile, bongo drums and a ring modulator prove unlikely partners in a duet that is part of the wider musical picture.

Listen carefully, to the various collages and there’s elements of everything from avant-garde and exotica to bursts of electronica as well as nature and cartoon music. Then there’s Kontiki lounge music on The Exotica Album, which is like nothing that has been released during 2019. It’s been inspired by an eclectic selection of musicians from the past sixty years.

The Exotica Album is like an album made by two of the leading lights of electronic music Karl-Heinz Stockhausen and G.M. Koenig along with free jazz giant Sun Ra, exotica composers Les Baxter and Martin Denny plus collage pioneers John Zorn, Otomo Yoshihide and Christian Marclay. However, in reality, The Exotica Album is a new recording from Øyvind Torvund and some of his musical friends.

With such a talented cast of musicians, it’s no surprise that The Exotica Album is no ordinary album. Instead, it’s an ambitious, playful and imaginative album of otherworldly genre-melting music that also has an innocence and optimism. That makes a welcome change from the cynicism that is prevalent on so many albums in 2019. That isn’t the case with The Exotica Album where 

Øyvind Torvund who mangoes to combine early electronic modernism with exotica an album of experimental and innovative music from a musical pioneer whose abstract compositions and improvisations are a reminder of other musical eras, and show that there’s still musicians who are willing to push musical boundaries to their limits and beyond in pursuit of musical excellence.

Øyvind Torvund-The Exotica Album.

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