Simbad Presents Collections Volume One 2003-2017.

Label: BBE Music.

Release Date: ‘4th’ October 2019.

Back in the late-nineties,  saxophonist Simbad  travelled to London for what he thought would be just one summer, before returning home. Little did he realise as he arrived in London, that three decades later that he would still call the city his home. London is also where Simbad (aka SMBD) established his reputation as a top DJ, producer and remixer, who is  respected worldwide. 

Despite living in London, Simbad is a globetrotting DJ and prolific producer and remixer who has worked with everyone from Ron Trent and Robert Owens to Tony Allen and Talvin Singh to Bugz In The Attic and Gonzalez. There’s also a critically acclaimed album, compilations and DJ mixes plus  over 200 productions and remixes for some of the most prestigious labels.

This includes BBE Music, who  on the ‘4th’ October 2019 will release Simbad Presents Collections Volume One 2003-2017 on CD , vinyl and as a digital album.  It’s the first album that Simbad has released for BBE Music, and features tracks recorded during a fourteen year period. These are just a few of the tracks that Simbad has recorded, but never released and are a tantalising taste of a  truly talented and versatile producer.

While some producers are content to produce one genre of music,  Simbad  has released an eclectic selection of electronic music under a myriad of disparate monikers. This includes everything from house and hip hop to broken beat,  jazz, soul and techno. Many of his productions, including classics like Soul Fever or Peaktime have become favourites of dancers and DJs. 

Many people first heard of Simbad when he released his critically acclaimed album Supersonic Revelation, was released by Raw Fusion in 2008. This was the album that launched his career in earnest.

Since then, Simbad has curated compilations and released DJ mixes, plus over 200 productions. These are the just the tracks that he’s released. Most of the music that Simbad has recorded over the past two decades is unreleased. This includes the tracks on Simbad Presents Collections Volume 1 2003-2017.

The vinyl EP features five tracks and includes four guest vocalists. This includes the soulful and jazz-tinged opener Elevate which stars LaAerial, while Steve Spacek features on Let Go. Closing side one is Rainin’ Luv (Dub), which is one of the finest cuts on the Simbad Presents Collections Volume 1 2003-2017 EP. Flip over to the second side and Get Your Sh Together,  features Byron The Aquarius vocal with is delivered atop a spacious arrangement where a squelchy bass synth  plays a leading role. However, it’s a case of saving the best until last with the mesmeric  sounding Thankful which features Miryam Solomon.

On the CD version of Simbad Presents Collections Volume 1 2003-2017 there’s a total of thirteen tracks. They include an array of guest vocals who have worked with Simbad at his London studio, which is akin to a sanctuary for this talented producer and remixer.  Between 2003 and 2017, Claudia Smith, Entek, Byron,  Lulu James, LaAerial, Miryam Solomon,  Rae Rae and  The Aquarius have all lent their vocal prowess to Simbad’s carefully crafted arrangements. They showcase a versatile producer and range from jazz-tinged and soulful to deep house, electronic and elements of acid house.  These tracks range from  laid-back, dreamy and ruminative to soulful and jazzy. 

Paradigm Message opens the CD album, and is a captivating and dramatic  track that whets the appetite for the rest of Simbad Presents Collections Volume 1 2003-2017.

Apart from the tracks that also feature on the EP, there’s much to discover on the CD version of Simbad Presents Collections Volume 1 2003-2017. One of the standout tracks is Day By Day starring Lull James, whose vocal is deeply soulful. So is Rae Rae ’s vocal on Good To You. It’s followed by the hypnotic sounding  If U and  then the memorable  Circles and Motion which features Claudia Smith. Then it’s all change on Innit Dub which closes Simbad’s  debut album for BBE Music.

The tracks that feature on the EP and  CD version of Simbad Presents Collections Volume 1 2003-2017 have never been released before. They make their debut on what’s  Simbad’s  debut artist album for BBE Music. It showcases Simbad, a talented and prolific producer who has been a familiar face on the London music scene for over twenty years. During that time,  he’s worked with some of the biggest names in music, and also influenced and inspired a new generation  of producers. So will the tracks on Simbad Presents Collections Volume 1 2003-2017, which is a tantalising taste of the of the music that this truly talented producer has been making during a fourteen year period.

Simbad Presents Collections Volume One 2003-2017.

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