Disco Demands Part Six-By Al Kent.

Label: BBE Music.

Release Date: ‘7th’ February 2020.

After a ten year wait, Scotland’s disco King Al Kent makes a welcome return on the ‘7th’ of February 2020 with Disco Demands Part Six, which will be released by BBE Music as a 2CD or 3LP set. For fans of the now legendary Disco Demands series this new instalment will be a welcome addition to this long-running compilation series. 

Disco Demands Part Six finds DJ, producer and remixer Al Kent digging deep into his enviable collection for a new selection of hidden gems, obscurities and dancefloor fillers that will appeal to dancers, DJ and connoisseurs of disco.These tracks have been edited and raid tested by Al Kent.

The tracks  Disco Demands Part Six have been part of Al Kent’s sets for a number of years. This has allowed him to see how dancers reacted when he played one of his edits. After all,  this is a compilation that is aimed primarily at dancers and DJs. That is why having edited the tracks, Al Kent donned his tin helmet and played them to a roomful of dancing drunks. They enjoyed every one of the tracks, and that is no wonder as Disco Demands Part Six features a stellar selection of dancefloor 


Disc one of Disco Demands Part Six features eight tracks mixed by Scotland’s disco King. His track selection is peerless and mixing seamless as he moves between tracks. This is what one has come to expect from Al Kent, who nowadays, is a globetrotting DJ. However, he’s also a remixer and producer and used these skills when he edited the tracks on Disco Demands Part Six.

There’s no better way to open the album with a twelve minute edit of Ava Cherry’s You Never Love Me. This is a track from her debut album Ripe, which was released on Curtom/RSO in 1980. It was one of the highlights of Ripe, and Al Kent’s edit  doesn’t just extend but transforms the original and takes the listener to 127 disco heaven.

Fire Keep On Burning by King Sporty and The Root Rockers was released on TK Disco in  1980. Dancing disco strings and stabs of horns play a starring while mesmeric drums never miss a beat and accompany the soulful vocals. When all this is combined, the result is a this hidden gem that is akin to a call to dance.

Givin’ Back The Feeling is quite unlike George McRae’s best known track Rock Your Baby. Here, Al has removed the vocal and lets the uber funky bass line and disco strings take centrestage. The finishing touch are the horns. They play their part in a tough and funky slice of cinematic sounding disco that sounds as if it belongs in a Blaxploitation movie.

Al Kent’s edit of Tangerue’s Doin’ Your Own Thing is another welcome addition to Disco Demands Part Six. He’s removed what he considers the “cheese” from this slice of Euro Disco and left what’s a killer groove and one of the best orchestrations on the compilation. Take a bow the Ultimate Players who are responsible for the horns and strings.

Jo Bisso wrote and produced I Wanna Love, where funk meets disco. It which was released in 1979 on the label and is a funky floorfiller. There’s a funky bass, wah-wah guitar, sweeping, swirling strings and punchy horns on this driving track that discerning DJs and dancers will love.

JD Hall’s Wonder Woman was released in 1981, after disco’s demise. Despite that, there’s a strong disco influence in a track that’s a veritable potpourri of musical genres. Everything from boogie and disco to funk, soul and even a hint of dub are combined by JD Hall. So are the best piano part on the compilation, a percussive break and Chic-style vocals that become dubby. This is one of Al’s finest edits and is a welcome addition Disco Demands Part Six and the series.

Grupo Macho released San Salvador for the first time in 1981. The single was eventually released three times. Dancing strings and a chiming guitar play leading roles in the sound and success of this soulful and funky slice of disco.

Phillip and Lloyd’s Keep On Moving was released in 1978, at the peak of disco’s popularity. This is joyous and hook-laden hidden gem that is a dancefloor filler.

Southroad Connection gave their 1977 single for Mahogany Records the perfect title, You Like It, We Love It. With dancing strings and a killer bass line this is a track that is impossible not to like and is the perfect way to close disc two of Disco Demands Part Six.

For fans of the long-running and critically acclaimed Disco Demands series, a new instalment will be like Christmas coming early. Disco Demands Part Six is a welcome addition to the new series, and is all-killer, no filler. Al Kent has dug deep into his enviable collection and chosen the nine tracks with great care. This new selection of hidden gems, obscurities and dancefloor fillers are sure to appeal to dancers, DJ and connoisseurs of all things disco. These tracks have been edited and road tested by Al Kent. 

When he edited the tracks he trimmed any fat or “cheese,” and left the best bits. The result is a selection of tracks that are guaranteed to fill any dancefloor. What’s more, Disco Demands Part Six doesn’t feature the usual tired tracks that can be found on lesser compilations. That isn’t the Al Kent way. 

With each compilation he releases, Scotland’s disco King’s reputation is on the line, so Al Kent has dug deeper than other DJs, and edited each track so that they’ll appeal to dancers and DJs. That’s sure to be the case as Disco Demands Part Six is one of Al Kent’s finest compilations on what can only be described as a stellar selection of dancefloor fillers as Scotland’s disc King takes you to to 127 disco heaven.

Disco Demands Part Six-By Al Kent.

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