Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto.

Label: How Do You Are?

Format: CD.

 As 2020 draws to a close the How Do You Are? label have just released the latest instalment in their long-running, critically acclaimed and successful compilation series, Too Slow To Disco. This is Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto which takes the series in a new and different direction.

Still the music on Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto is dancefloor friendly and features sixteen previously unreleased and exclusive floorfillers handpicked by DJ Supermarkt. Normally, they’re guaranteed to entice even the most reluctant dancer onto the dancefloor. However, with the world in the grip of a global pandemic clubs across the world have been shut and dancefloors are gathering dust. Even the glitter ball has lost its sparkle and dancers like The Three Degree are asking “when will I see you again?”

Some desperate dancers needing their weekly fix are recreating Saturday Night Fever in their kitchen or lounge. Alas, it’s a sad sight as a masked lone dancer takes to the floor so not to upset Bungle, Shifty, Hapless, Notso or the Brothers Doom who resemble two Kraftwerk dummies albeit without the personality. 

Across the border, Nasty Nic,  the Nutty Nat’s and the Nodding Dentist have outlawed dancing or any form of enjoyment. Couples aren’t even allowed to enjoy a socially distanced smooch on the dancefloor anymore. Those living in Northern Britain can only dream of dancing to the sixteen unreleased tracks on Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto.

These tracks were recorded by musicians from all over the world. This includes LA and other part of the Westcoast of America where the Too Slow To Disco sound was born. This time around there’s also contributions from musicians from England, Germany, Holland, Norway and Sweden. Add to this Balearic sounds and Brazilian lounge influences and the music on Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto is an eclectic offering from tastemaker DJ Supermarkt or Lidl as he’s know his cratedigging friends.

Opening the compilation is the Dutch duo Kraak and Smaak who contribute the cinematic sounding Hotel Sorriso. It  sounds like the theme to a modern day detective series.

Poolside’s I Feel High is given a Vibes4yoursoul Remix. The result is joyous sounding dancefloor filler that brings back memories of long lazy summer days on the white island before dancing to dawn. 

Moods are from Rotterdam and contribute a baroque reinvention of Vulfpeck’s Backpocket. The hooks haven’t been spared as funk, soul and disco strings combine with house on a genre-melting dancer.

In the best name stakes Glamour Hammer are the course and distance winner. Is It True is a slick, carefully crafted anthemic track that should be filling dancefloors. 

The extended mix of Love Breaks Down by London-based PREP is a mid tempo dancer that fuses elements of eighties synth pop, electro, funk and house. It’s a welcome addition to the compilation.

From the get-go it’s apparent Turbotito’s Heart and Soul is a special track. It’s a laidback, dreamy and smokey Balearic track with sci-fi synths and a soulful vocal that one of the compilation’s highlights.

When Satin Jackets recorded Think About It (Jack Tennis 80s Disco Dub Remix) they sought inspiration from the music of the past. This includes disco and especially Chic, boogie, funk, house, soul and even Kraftwerk. Seamlessly they combine these  musical influences on this rueful dancefloor filler. It’s one of the highlights of Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto. 

LA-based Luxxury’s contribution is At Any Moment (Doctorsoul Need To Survive Dub Retherapy) It’s a smooth, slinky, funky and percussive mix with shimmering disco strings and a soulful vocal with a Balearic sound.  

Roosevelt’s Take Me Back (Falcon Punch Remix) epitomises what the Too Slow To Disco and Neo sounds are about. It meanders along revealing an airy, Balearic sound that’s another of the compilation’s highlights.

Private Agenda’s 4 Step is a carefully crafted cinematic track where the hooks haven’t been spared. This a real find that has been unearthed by  DJ Supermarkt.

English producer James Alexander Bright closes Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto with Under The Sun. It’s the perfect track for chill out DJs to drop as they close their sets and the sunsets above the golden beaches.

The tracks on Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto have never been released before and make their debut on the compilation. Sadly, these tracks won’t be heard in a club anytime soon. That’s a great shame as these hidden gems deserve to be heard by a much wider audience in clubs across Britain, Europe and North America. They’re a perfect reminder of the Too Slow To Disco sound and are a welcome addition to this long-running and successful series. 

With music this good, maybe even Bungle, Shifty, Hapless, Notso, the Brothers Doom, Nasty Nic and the Nodding Dentist could be tempted onto the dancefloor and would enjoy the anthems and floorfillers that can be found on Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto?

Too Slow To Disco NEO: The Sunset Manifesto.



  1. Love the Too Slow To Disco series.

    • Same here. I remember hearing the first volume in the series and I’ve loved every volume.

      There doesn’t seem to be many disco compilations being released the last couple of years. Al Kent’s Disco Demands Part Six was another of my favourites disco compilations from this year. If you don’t have a copy it’s worth looking out for.

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