Joanna Law-Rhythm Of Years.

Label: Tangential Music.

Format: Digital Album.

London-based singer-songwriter Joanna Law’s career began when she and her brother Simon formed City Heat. The nascent group released its debut single The Raid in 1987, and this was followed by City Heat in 1988. 

The same year, Joanna Law’s vocal featured on The Funky Ginger’s house single Slaughterhouse. By then, she was already well on her way to becoming a familiar face on London’s urban music scene.

In 1989 City Heat returned with two new singles London Child in March with Rock Me (In The Cradle Of Jazz) following later that year. By then, their star was in the ascendancy.

As the nineties dawned, Joanna Law decided to embark upon a solo career. She released Love Is Not Enough as a single in 1990, and it was also licensed by the American label Easy Street Records. It featured the Free Spirit Mix which is one of the twenty-one tracks on Joanna Law’s new digital album Rhythm Of Years which has just between released by Hastings-based boutique label Tangential Music. There’s also the Extended Mix and the Ibiza Dreaming Mix of Love Is Not Enough. It’s the single that launched Joanna Law’s solo career.

Later in 1990 Joanna Law released an urban cover of The First Time (Ever I Saw Your Face) which was written by English folk singer-songwriter Ewan MacColl. It was originally released on City Beat Records and was later licensed by Easy Street Records. 

The single was produced by Simon Law and featured uber funky keyboard licks from Acid Jazz Hammond organist James Taylor. Despite being given an urban makeover there’s still a haunting sound to this classic song. There’s three versions of the song on the album. This includes the Bumpy Mix that featured on the single as well the Radio Edit and Extended Version. Little did Joanna Law realise that she had just released what many regard as a career-defining single.

In 1991, Pressure Drop released You’re Mine which featured Joanna Law and was remixed by Leftfield. It’s five minutes of progressive house which features a beautiful soul-baring vocal. Joanna Law also collaborated with Pressure Drop on the languid, dreamy and jazzy sounding After The Storm and Dreams which heads in the direction of trip hop.

By 1992, Joanna Law and her brother Simon had founded their own record label and publishing company. Law Music released a cover of Van Morrison’s Warm Love which was produced by The Funky Ginger a.k.a. Simon Law. There’s three versions of the track on Rhythm Of Years. This includes the summery sounding Breakdown Mix, the Extended Version and the Radio Edit with its soulful vocal. 

Law Music also released the Celebrate Love EP in 1992. Two of the tracks it featured were Celebrate Love and the funky and soulful sounding Peace and Satisfaction which has an early nineties urban sound. It’s jazz-tinged, funky and soulful and features a heartfelt and emotive vocal from Joanna Law. It’s a welcome addition to Rhythm Of Years.

In 1992, Joanna Law also contributed Night Rain to London Underground (A Compilation Of Independent Club/Dance Music. It was mixed and produced by the Blood Brothers 

By 2001, Joanna Law was signed to Recreation and released Song For Theo as a single. This Extended Version features on the album and so does the Radio Edit. On the B-Side was  an urban cover of Van Morrison’s Warm Love.

Among the other tracks on Rhythm Of Years is the Dr Aziz Mix of Softly which features an assured vocal from Joanna Law. Quite different is Calling All Angels which is understated and ruminative. Then Joanna Law delivers an impassioned and soulful vocal on Let Me Love You. Skin On Skin which features a soulful and sensual vocal that’s accompanied by a carefully crafted arrangement. It’s one of the highlights of the album.

When Joanna Law embarked upon a musical career it looked as if she was going to enjoy a string of hit singles. Sadly, that wasn’t to be and success has been sporadic during a a career that has spanned four decades. 

Recently, Joanna Law hasn’t released much in the way of new music. She’s been out of the public eye but still dreamt of releasing an album. This was something that she had never done. However, she wasn’t giving up on her dream. 

Eventually Joanna Law’s dream came true when she signed to Hastings-based Tangential Music. They released Rhythm Of Years on the ‘8th’ of March 2021 and this twenty-two track retrospective is a reminder of Joanna Law whose enjoyed a long and varied career.

Joanna Law-Rhythm Of Years.

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