Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura.

Label: Mr. Bongo.

Format: CD.

Each week, countless new compilations are released into what’s become an increasingly competitive marketplace. These compilations are released by indies and major labels in the hope that this is the start of a lucrative and long-running series. However, the reality is that most will be one-offs, while others may become a short-lived series. Especially with one type of compilation.

This is the genre specific compilation. Sometimes, after a few instalments in the series, the compiler discovers that they’ve used up the best available material. What’s left isn’t up to the standard of the previous instalments and would be tantamount to barrel scraping. The compiler and label are left in between a rock and hard place.

The compilation series was lucrative, well received by critics and raised the profile of the label. They want to release further instalments but know they well has run dry and the music that’s left just isn’t good enough. Another release would be a cash grab and damage the reputation of what was a much loved compilation series. That’s why the compiler and label decide that it’s best to call it a day. 

However, other compilers and labels aren’t faced with this problem as they take a very different approach to compilations. The compilations that they release have a much more eclectic and esoteric selection of music.  An example of this is Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura, which was recently released by Mr. Bongo.

Luke Una is know for his eclectic taste in music and there’s everything from acid jazz and Brazilian sunshine music to British Neo-Soul as well as jazz-funk, minimalist electronic, proto-house and spiritual jazz on this captivating musical adventure with a concept.

The concept for Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura is an eclectic compilation that is for late-night listening after the clubs close and it’s time to chill-out. It’s also a compilation to lie and watch the sun rise after a hedonistic evening with friends and old and new. 

Opening Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura is Eva, an irresistible and uplifting slice of Brazilian sunshine music from Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti.

Theatre group Chene Noir was founded in Avignon in southeast France. Their contribution is Le Train a track from their 1976 album Chant Pour Le Delta, La Lune Et Le Soleil. It’s best described as a hidden gem that’s not just spiritual but also ethereal and sensual as genres melt seamlessly into one.

Metropolis released their album The Greatest Show On Earth on Salsoul Records in 1978. Taking charge of vocals on an album that combined funk, soul, disco and electronic were The Sweethearts aka Barbara Ingram, Carla Benson and Evette Benton.  Their at their finest on 

Every Time I See Him a truly memorable example of two-step soul with lush strings that would still fill a dancefloor.

The Lunar Dub version of The Brand New Heavies’ Stay This Way from 1990 features N’Dea Davenport. It was remixed by David Morales who fuses acid jazz with deep house and dub. This results in a dark, late night sound that for many, will bring back memories of raves in warehouses during the heady days acid house.

Many people won’t have heard the extended edit of Typesun’s The PL, which was released by Root Elevation Recordings in 2006. It’s a quite beautiful and welcome addition to the compilation.

King Errisson released Space Queen as a single on Venture Records in 1978. It’s magical mixture of boogie, disco, funk and soul that’s stood the test of time.

Yusef Lateef wrote Robot Man, which was produced by Creed Taylor, and released as a single on CTi Records in 1977. it’s a smooth and spiritual slice of disco, jazz-funk and spiritual jazz then featured on the album Autophysiopsychic and was a favourite of DJs and dancers.

Daniel Humair, Francois Jeanneau and Henri Texier’s Le Cyclope is a spiritual jazz hidden gem that’s guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest day.

Airto Moreira’s O Galho Da Roseira (The Branches Of The Rose Tree) is something of slow burner that gradually embraces and caresses the listener as it reveals its dreamy, feelgood sound. It’s taken from the 1971 album Seeds On The Ground-The Natural Sounds Of Airto which features a potpourri of disparate influences. There’s everything from Latin, jazz, funk, fusion, jazz-funk and soul on the album which this captivating and bewitching genre-melting track was taken from.

In 1978, Frantz Charles-Denis a.ka. Francisco released his fourth album on the SA Production label. This was the oft-overlooked and now hard to find release Francisco (Frantz Charles-Denis). Tucked away on the album was the hidden gem of jazz-tinged dancer Wache that also includes elements of Latin and jazz-funk.

Nar’Chiveol’s Apocalypse Now Ho is a energetic example of proto-house that features chanted vocals and is almost anthemic.

When Southern Freeze originally released by Freeze in 1981, it reached number eight in the UK. It’s been covered several times, including by Sheffield-based On. They reinvent the track which features a vocal from Julie who steals the show on this e-soul rarity.

Closing Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura is Soylent Green’s After All a lysergic slice of minimalist electronica. It brings to a close what’s been a truly eclectic musical adventure.

Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura is the DJ’s first solo compilation. It’s certainly eclectic with everything from boogie, deep house. disco, funk, fusion and minimalist electronica rubbing shoulders with Brazilian sunshine music to British Neo-Soul and jazz-funk. Then there’s acid jazz, dub, proto-house and soul on a compilation that features singles, album tracks, rarities and hidden gems as Luke Una takes listener on a magical and memorable musical journey on this truly eclectic compilation. 

Luke Una Presents E Soul Cultura.

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