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OM BEACHED. Recently I reviewed Walter Gibbons-Jungle music, a compilation on Strut of some of Walter’s best remixes. In that article, I mentioned how his DJ-ing and remixing influenced a later generation of DJs and house producers, especially deep house producers. So, I thought that having not reviewed a house compilation for a while, I’d …

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OM CHILLED. Previously, I’ve written features about both OM Records and chill-out music. In my feature on OM Records, looking at some of the label’s best releases. In that article, I mentioned how OM were famous for releasing chilled out, laid back and mellow music, with compilations like OM Lounge and Mushroom Jazz, which I’ve …

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LABEL FOCUS-OM RECORDS. Om Records is a San Francisco based record label, that was founded in 1995 by Chris Smith. Since then, Om Records have released a wide array of compilation and artist albums, ranging from house music to hip hop. Since then, Om Records have set up a number of other sub-labels and affiliated …

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