Om Records is a San Francisco based record label, that was founded in 1995 by Chris Smith. Since then, Om Records have released a wide array of compilation and artist albums, ranging from house music to hip hop. Since then, Om Records have set up a number of other sub-labels and affiliated labels, including Om Hip Hop, Child’s Play, Smoke ‘N’ Mirrors, Deep Concentration and Colorforms. 

Om Records have released many compilations throughout the last sixteen years. This includes OM Lounge, House of Om, Sounds of Om and Mushroom Jazz series of compilations. These albums feature many types of music, including deep house, funky house, soulful house, broken beat, nu-jazz, chill-out and hip-hop. Regardless of the genres of music featured on all of these compilations, one thing they all have in common, is that they feature some wonderful music. 

It is not only compilations that Om Records have released, they have also released a number of artist albums. This includes albums from Kaskade, Mark Farina, Samantha James, Colette and Underworld. Om Records have also released a number singles, EPs and 12” singles.

Since 1995, I have been a huge fan of OM Records, and over the years have purchased many of their releases. In this article, I will recommend some of the best releases on this label, and tell you a bit about the music that you will find on these albums.


Om Lounge was released in 1995. The release proved to be a great success, so much so that Om Records went on to release ten volume and a best of compilation. However, it is no wonder that this series was so successful, as it featured some wonderful downtempo music. On this, the first in the series, there are twelve tracks, all of which are perfect to relax to. This is the type of album that is perfect to listen to post-club. 

Choosing the best tracks on this album is difficult, as each one has its merits. For me, Thievery Corporation’s track Right Angles (Remix) has to be one of the best tracks on the album. It is a slow, moody and atmospheric track featuring some great drum beats and vocal samples. 

Fluid Motion’s track Lost and Found has a slightly faster tempo. On this track you will hear echoey and spacey vocals, a mid-tempo drum beat, and a keyboard solo that fades in and out of the song.

Bohemian Sunset by Jazzanova has a lovely sound and feel to it. It transports you to faraway and exotic places. The pace is kept slow, the track is allowed space to breath, and the arrangement is a perfect blend of samples, instruments and vocals.

The final track on this album I will feature is Adventures In La La Land by Andy Caldwell Vs. Woolove. This song starts gently, with various sounds entering and exiting the mix, the constant throughout the track is the drumbeats, which sit prominently in the mix. The track has a dubby feel to, with the use of effects, such as  echo and delay. When listening to this track, you are kept on your toes, never able to anticipate what will happen next. 

Om Lounge is a great downtempo album. Granted, in places the tempo rises, but overall, this album is perfect if you want to just “chill-out”. It features some great tracks, many from artists you may already know, some you may, as yet, be unfamiliar with. This album is well worth buying, and is a perfect entree into the Om Lounge series. Standout Tracks: Right Angles (Remix) by Thievery Corporation, Lost and Found by Fluid Motion, Bohemian Sunset by Jazzanova and Adventures In La La Land by Andy Caldwell Vs. Woolove.



Om Lounge Volume 3 is the next of OM Records albums that I would like to feature. This album, was released in 2000 and has fourteen tracks on it. There is a great variety of styles of music within the album, and the compilers have chosen some wonderful tracks. They have managed to keep up the same level of consistency as they did one the previous two volumes.

Mackzen and Relaxin’ by Pimp Rekker is the first song on the album I would like to feature. This track has a spacey and atmospheric start to it, however, do not let that fool you. As the track meanders and progresses, the sound fills out. One of the highlights of the track, for me, is the variety of keyboard sounds, especially the Hammond organ solo. This track gels. All of the sounds used within the track fit perfectly, and together, make a great track. 

Drums Delicious by Kevin Yost, reminds me at the start of an old Nightmares On Wax track, with the sample of crackling vinyl. However, there the comparision ends. Throughout the track you will hear the sound of crackling vinyl, and repetitive vocal stabs, drumbeats and various other sounds. Taken together this produces a track that draws you in, and has a compelling sound. This is easily a standout track on the album.

Love Music (Twisted Jazz Mix) by East West Connection, has a drum and bass sound at the start. It continues throughout the track. The track features some great drum and percussion sounds, and is augmented by the sparing use of a vocal sample. Simple but effective is the use of finger clicks. The sound is quite “busy” featuring many different sounds, instruments and samples, but works because the track is well arranged and produced.

Tenderly by Soulstice, has a lovely Mediterranean feel to it. The tracks begins flamenco guitar played to accompany a sweet female vocal. Later in the track the sound fills out. More happens on the track, but as soon as this starts it finishes, allowing the beauty of the track’s vocal to shine.  

Om Lounge Volume 3 is, for me, one of the best volumes in this series. The compilers have done a wonderful job bringing together such an eclectic variety of tracks. That is not an easy task. Sometimes the compiler’s are frustrated in their attempts to use the tracks they want. Here, Om surpassed themselves, showcasing fourteen tracks that deserve your attention. Buy this album and you will not regret it. If you do, you will be privy to some wonderful music, music that you will not hear on many inferior compilations. This is truly an album that anyone who enjoys downtempo music will enjoy. Standout Tracks: Mackzen and Relaxin’ by Pimp Rekker, Drums Delicious by Kevin Yost, Love Music (Twisted Jazz Mix) by East West Connection and Tenderly by Soulstice.



By the time many compilations get to their sixth volume, they are not producing the same quality of compilation that they did in the early years. Either that, or they have realized that they have a cash cow on their hands and decide to milk it. That was not the case by the time Om Lounge Volume 6 came out in 2002. Om Records were still finding a high quality selection of eclectic music to put on this compilation. Yes, by now, the style had changed slightly and faster paced tracks were finding their way onto the albums. This did not matter because the music was of the highest quality.

The track that opens this album Find An Oasis by Block 16 (featuring Jhelisa), was one of the faster tracks that were finding their way onto the Om Lounge compilations. The track is 120 beats per minute. However, the track is a quality one. From the atmospheric bells ringing at the start, until the end this track is shines through as one of the strongest on the album. One of the highlights of the track is Jhelisa’s vocal. She sings the sing beautifully. The track also features a masterful arrangement, the drums and strings being placed just in the right place within the mix.

Someday (Phutiristic Remix) by The Beard, begins with a keyboard playing minor chords, and then goes on to feature a lovely vocal, sitting behind a crisp and almost crunching drumbeat. However, the way the drumbeat is programmed, allows the vocal still to shine. When the drumbeat drops out of the mix, the vocal drops in. It becomes almost like a musical game of cat and mouse. The track is well arranged, I particularly like the vocal, and although some people may believe the drumbeat is too prominent, I like that it has the effect of focusing the listener’s attention.

Verano by Andy Caldwell, is the next track on the album I would like to feature. This track has an atmospheric feel and sound to it. There is almost a broken beat feel to it. Many people listening to this track who are familiar with Caldwell’s house tracks, may find it hard to believe that he is responsible for this track. The track begins with a dreamy vocal and piano, and then wanders off, slowly, meandering, using various sounds and effects to good use. Like his track on the first installment of Om Lounge, this track has a dub influence to it. This is apparent from the use of of space and effects. I like this track, it takes you on an aural journey, one which is enjoyable.

My Time by Kaskade, is a slow, moody and atmospheric track. Again, there is a dubby feel to it. There is the use of space and echoey effects, as the track grows and builds. Featuring on this track is the most gorgeous vocal by Joslyn Petty. This is easily the highlight of the track. The use of the various samples and effects, allow the vocal to shine, and this makes this easily, one of the best tracks on this album.

Having listened to this album several times while writing this review, I am struck by the variety and quality of the tracks. On this album you will hear an eclectic selection of tracks, all of which, have their own merits and qualities. It was difficult for me to choose four tracks to feature. However, I managed to do so. Someone else listening to this album may disagree, favoring other tracks. What I can say with certainty is, that anyone who buys this album will enjoy all of the tracks featured on this album. Standout Tracks: Find An Oasis by Block 16 (featuring Jhelisa), Someday (Phutiristic Remix) by The Beard, Verano by Andy Caldwell and My Time by Kaskade. 



This album, Om Lounge Volume 8 was the eighth of ten in the series, and was released in 2004. Even though the series had been around for so long, Om Records ensured that the standard remained high. This volume was, in my opinion one of the best. The album features thirteen of the best tracks around at the time. It is testament to the compilers that the quality is as high on the eighth volume as it was with the first volume. On this album there are some wonderful downtempo tracks, that are amongst the best you will hear.

The Water and the Sun by Zeb is the opening track on the album. It is also one of the standout tracks on the album. The track begins with the use of samples and echo, after which, the drumbeat sits above the rest of the sounds on this track. Throughout the track, there are a multitude of interesting and varied sounds. This is a mid-tempo song, with an upbeat sound to it, reminiscent of bright sunny days, spent lazing under a hot sun. It is a track that has the effect of lifting your mood.

Golden Nectar by King Kooba, is a slow, atmospheric track. It begins with keyboards and exotic instruments playing alongside a potent drumbeat. The addition of scratches adds to the effect, as does a flute solo, played gently alongside, and complementing the drumbeat. The track has an exotic eastern feel to it, and has a sound that has a hypnotic feel and sound, that constantly holds your attention. During the track one wonders where the track is heading next, where this exotic musical journey will take you. The destination King Kooba take you to, is one where you will want to return to, time and time again.

Dream Machine by Mark Farina, starts with a distant sound, gradually building up, slowly developing, breaking out, to join with a slow and moody vocal. The track then heads off, keeping a steady tempo. This track has a nice repetitive quality, where you hear the same sounds, and rhythms recurring. The track is well arranged and produced, and is one of the best tracks within the album.

The final track I will feature here is The Real Thing by Emo. This is a joyous and atmospheric track, that features some beautiful lyrics. The vocal is sung really well and is surrounded in the mix by a multitude of sounds, samples and instruments that contribute to the beauty of the track. What really emphasizes the beauty of the vocal, and the lyrics, is the space the producer has left in the arrangement, and the effects that are used. Out of all of the tracks on this album, this is, by far, the best. It is the best arranged and produced track on the album.

This album, like all of its predecessors, features some wonderful music. It is a lovely album to listen to whilst relaxing. When you do this, you will be taken on a wonderful musical journey. On that journey, you will visit some wonderful musical destinations. Truly, this is wonderful album, one that is worth you purchasing. Should you do so, you to will be able to go on a magical musical journey and visit some wonderful musical destinations. Standout Tracks: The Water and the Sun by Zeb, Golden Nectar by King Kooba, Dream Machine by Mark Farina and The Real Thing by Emo. 



Sounds of Om Volume 1 was released in 1999. This was the first in the series, and this proved to be another success story for Om Records. On this release there are fifteen deep house tracks. When I listen to this album, I am always struck by the quality of all of the tracks. There are neither any weak tracks on the album, nor any tracks that could be classed as “filler”. This is unusual on compilation albums, as often, a compiler will not be able to fill an album with quality tracks, and will pad the album out with inferior tracks. 

One criticism, and warning, I have about Sounds of Om Volume 1, is that there are four different versions of the Naked Music NYC track If I Fall, and two of their track It’s Love. However, each version of these tracks has a different sound and feel, and it is interesting to see how each remixer has approached the track. Even this does not detract from the quality of the album as a whole.

If I Fall (Dubtronic Mix) by Naked Music NYC is the first track on Sounds of Om Volume 1 I will feature. This version features a good arrangement, with the drums sitting at the front of the mix. The vocal and synths float in and out of the mix. Throughout the track the tempo is constant. A track like this would work well when a DJ is building a set up, gradually upping the tempo. It is typical of the Naked Music NYC sound, a sound I never tire of. Overall, this is a quality track from start to finish.

Questions and Answers by Fluid Motion, carries on very much in the same vein as If I Fall (Dubtronic Mix). This is another quality deep house track. The track just flows along, keeping a constant tempo, the sounds and rhythms repeating, constantly, throughout the track. Even though this track does not feature a huge amount of sounds and instruments, it still holds you attention, and keeps you interested. 

Fascinated (Monkey Drum Mix) by Orpheos has a totally different sound, and feel, to the two previous tracks I have reviewed. The tempo of the track is slightly faster, and the sound is much fuller. There is more going on in this song. During the song numerous sounds, samples and instruments fight for the listener’s attention. There is also a Latin feel to this track, with the use of percussion in the track. What I do like, is the way the track flows, then there is a gradual build up, then there is a breakdown and it all starts again. This is an interesting and varied track, that would go down well on any dance-floor. That is a huge compliment to this track, as it is over ten years old, yet still sounds fresh today.

Fresh Start (Iz House Dub) by Terra Deva, is the last song on this album I will highlight. Once again the sound is much fuller, and unlike the other songs I have featured, this track has a great vocal on it. Maybe it is just my preference, but I find a house track with a good vocal on it, much better than a good house track without a vocal on it. This adds to a track, especially this track. The vocal comes in and out of the track, and somehow this adds to the track. Overall, this is well arranged and produced track, one of the best on this album.

Sounds of Om Volume 1 is a good release from Om Records. This was the first in a series of great series of house compilations. This album features some quality house music, and although this album was released back in 1999, the music on it still sounds fresh and relevant. Anyone who enjoys house music, who does not have this album, should add it to their collection. Should they do so, they will be the proud owner of a selection of classic house music. Standout Tracks: If I Fall (Dubtronic Mix) by Naked Music NYC, Questions and Answers by Fluid Motion, Fascinated (Monkey Drum Mix) by Orpheos and resh Start (Iz House Dub) by Terra Deva.



Sounds of Om Volume 2, is a great compilation of fifteen quality house tracks. The music on this volume features a slightly different sound. Here, the album showcases some of the best deep and funky house tracks that were around back in 2000. Having listened to all of the Sounds of Om compilations whilst writing this article, I am of the mind that this is one of the best volumes. Buy any of the Sounds of Om series, and you will be the proud owner of some wonderful house music. 

The first track on this album I will feature is Don’t Worry by Jazmin and Face. This track starts with a vocal sung through a vocoder. On this track, the vocal sits on top of some well programmed drumbeats. Also, featuring on the track is a trumpet solo that has the effect of complimenting the track. Throughout this album, many of the artists use various effects on their tracks. Here, the use of the vocoder. This sound was popular for a while, the track though, is not overuse it. If overused, it uses its effectiveness. 

Lovely by Soulstice (Andy Caldwell Mix), is a one of the best tracks on the album. This track features some crunching drumbeats, a vocal and trumpet solo. The vocal and the drum sounds compliment each other, and the trumpet solo floats into the mix later on, in the track. To me, this is a classic Om Records sound. If you listen to many of their albums, this sound will feature many times. You will also find this sound, on many of Naked Music’s releases. 

Laughter by Rithma, has similar features to many of the tracks on Sounds of Om Volume 1. This is a deep house track, and the track has a glorious sound to it. The track features features drum beats, synths and a breathy vocal stab. On this track the various sounds, pump in and out of the mix, and the tempo keeps a steady 128 beats per minute. A quality track like this, would not be out of place on any dance-floor. 

Don’t You Cry by Gabriel Rene, has a similar sound to the Soulstice track. This is one of the standout tracks on the compilation, and is also a funky house track. It also features a drumbeat sitting towards to front of the mix, and female vocalist on the track. Nicole Weisberg is the vocalist on this track, but here, the vocal has not as large a part in track. It floats in and out of the track. Rene has used the vocal sparingly, compared to the use of a vocal on the Soulstice track.  Like the Soulstice track, this track still has a freshness about in today.

Quiet Nights by Andy Caldwell, is an altogether different track that the others on this album. The sound on this track has a Balearic sound to it. A track like Quite Nights would work on a chill-out album, as well as it works here. Orlando’s vocal is, for me, what makes the track work. She sings the vocal softly, and is accompanied by some interesting sounds and samples. There are various samples used that make the listener sit up and listen, and the tempo of the drums changes throughout the track. At the start, the drums are softer and in the background, whereas later in the track, they become louder, and have a more prominent role in the track. This track is a a good one, that features different styles and influences. Listen carefully and you will hear house, broken beat and Balearic influences on this track.

Looking back, Sounds of Om Volume 2, is one of the finest in the series. The compilers have managed to ensure that, throughout the album, you will hear a wonderful selection of deep and funky house. At the time this album was released, there were many compilations out featuring this style of music. However, listen to many of them, and they have neither the quality, nor freshness that this compilation has. This release has a timeless quality about it, if you were to use some of the tracks in a mix today, it would work as well as it did in 2000 when it was released. That to me, says a lot, and I would have no qualms about recommending that you buy this album. Should you do so, I am sure you will enjoy it immensely. Standout Tracks: Don’t Worry by Jazmin and Face, Lovely by Soulstice (Andy Caldwell Mix), Laughter by Rithma and Quiet Nights by Andy Caldwell.



Another successful series of compilations by Om Records is their House of Om series. This has featured a number of the best DJs choosing a selection of their favorite tracks for a compilation. On this album House of Om-Kaskade, the second in the series, the compiler Kaskade has chosen some of the finest tracks around at that time. Many of the tracks are ones that Kaskade has remixed. Those familiar with Kaskade’s work, will know that they are a talented and prolific DJ, producer and remixer. Some of the remixes on this album are among some of their best work. Released in 2005, this album features fourteen tracks. 

The first track I will feature is Can I Get (Mainline Dub) by Simon Aston. This track features a multitude of instruments and samples, which Simon Aston has arranged in such a way that, together, they produce a wonderful funky house track. One of the highlights is a vocal that floats in and out of the mix. On this track a number of effects have also been used, however, they have been used effectively, not overused. Sometimes in a track that features so many different sounds and effects, the mix can sound crowded. That is not the case here. What we have here is a great track.

Don’t Give It Up (Lawnchair General’s Mix) by DJ Hal, is an interesting and quality track. The effects used on this track seem to subdue the drum sound, which I believe works. Throughout the track keyboards and percussion is used, along with a vocal which cuts in and out of the track. This track has a deep house sound and feel to it, and is one of the best on the album. It is well arranged and produced.

Everything (Big Room Mix) by Kaskade, is to me, easily, the best track on this album. It is typical of Kaskade’s work, a great house track, that is well arranged and well produced. The track features a lengthy introduction, and then goes on to feature a sweetly sung vocal. This track is one that is catchy and full of hooks. The song has a Balearic feel to it and is one of the best tracks Kaskade have produced in their long and prolific career.

Once In A Lifetime by Full Intention faeturing Xavier, is an atmospheric deep house track, which starts with, and feature, drumbeats that have almost a Latin influence to them. Accompanying the drumbeats, are a lovely repetitive keyboard and later on in the track, a half spoken, half sung vocal. The vocal is repeated throughout the majority of the track, and like the repetition of the keyboard, this is effective, adding to the quality of the track.  

House of Om-Kaskade is one of the best in this series. In all honesty, I could have chosen any one of the series to review. Each of the compilations features quality house music in abundance. Om Records have ensured that the quality of music on these compilations is always of a high standard. Throughout the series they have chosen some well know DJs to compile these compilations. Kaskade compiled this one, others have been compiled by Mark Farina, Fred Everything, DJ Sneak and Colette and DJ Heather. Should you decide to go out and purchase this album, I am sure that it will not be the last in the series you buy, you will find yourself seeking out the other albums in the series, and maybe other Om Records releases as well.


If, having read this article, you want to know more about Om Records music, but you are undecided about which releases to buy, one way of getting to know their music, is by purchasing a compilation which features some of their best music. I can recommend three albums that will allow you to do that:

OM 100.

Om 100 was released in 2002 and is a two disc compilation album. It is a retrospective of the first one hundred releases in the label’s history. Featured on this compilation is a selection of the music that you will find on their albums. On the two discs, there are twenty-two tracks, featuring a wide selection of artists.

Disc One features eleven tracks from artists such as, King Kooba, Pimp Rekker, Mark Grant, Kaskade, Rithma and Soulstice. All of these artists have featured on many of the previous one-hundred releases. Soulstice have featured on the Om Lounge and Remixed series of compilation albums. King Kooba have also featured on the Om Lounge, Om Chilled and Departures compilations. 

The second disc features a wide selection of wonderful tracks. This includes tracks from a diverse range of artists including: Mark Farina, Scuba, John Howard and Fred Everything. Mark Farina has previously compiled the Mushroom Jazz compilations and one of the House of Om compilations. He has also featured on the Om Lounge Volumes 1, 4, 5 and 8, Remixed and Om Miami compilations. Fred Everything previously compiled one of the volumes of House of Om, and has featured on the Om Miami 2006, 2007 and 2008, Om Ibiza 2009, Sounds of Om Volumes 4 and 6 and Om-The United Nations of Future Music Volume 1.

This album is a good introduction to Om Records. It features some great tracks from their first one-hundred releases. By buying this album you will be able to hear what type of music the label releases. The compilation has some good tracks on it, and should you like what you hear, you will be able to explore this label further.

OM 100.


Firstly, Om:10 A Decade of Future Music, is a three disc compilation album. It was released in 2005 to celebrate the label’s tenth anniversary. On the first disc there are twelve house tracks featuring Chuck Love, Colette, Kaskade, Mark Farina and Groove Junkies. These artists all feature on many of Om Records compilations that I have reviewed in this article. Also, Colette Kaskade and Mark Farina have all compiled albums for the House of Om series as well as producing and remixing many tracks for the label. This disc will allow you to listen to some of the music you will hear featured on compilations such as House of Om and Om House. 

The second disc features thirteen downtempo tracks. On this disc you will hear some wonderful tracks by some artists who feature on other Om Records releases. You will hear tracks from Kaskade, King Kooba, Colossus and Jt Donaldson. This disc features the types of music that you will hear on releases such as the Om Lounge series of compilations. 

The third disc features a selection of Classics that have been released on Om Records. On this disc you will find some fantastic tracks. Included are: It’s Love (Joshua’s Mo Musiq Mix) Naked Music NYC, Dream Machine by Mark Farina Take 5 by Johnny Fiasco and Lovely by Soulstice. In my opinion, it is worth buying the album for this disc alone. 

This compilation is a good way to find out more about this wonderful label. It will let you hear the type of music Om Records released in their first ten years. During their first ten years, Om Records were at the cutting edge of electronic and dance music. They were always ahead of the competition, always able to find new artists and release tracks that featured new and exciting sounds and artists. That is not an easy thing to do, as you have to be constantly aware of the changing musical trends and tastes. Om Records and Naked Music are two labels that were able to do that. Even today, Om Records still are releasing quality music on a regular basis. Many of the labels that were around when Om Records started, have fallen by the wayside, and many of the labels that followed in their footsteps, have also disappeared. That Om Records are still going strong, is testament to the people at the label who are able to find, and release, such wonderful and quality music. This compilation is a good introduction to the label, and their music. It will allow someone unfamiliar with their music to hear a wide variety of music without having to spend huge sums of money. 



Om 15: 15 Years of Om Records was released in 2009 to celebrate the first fifteen years of the label’s history. The album features twenty-six tracks on the two discs. This album has two discs, Disc One is titled Night and Disc Two is titled Day. 

On Disc One, Night, you will find tracks from J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science featuring Jennifer Johns, Spirit Catches, Radio Slave and Lovebirds. This disc features a wide selection of house tracks and there is something for all tastes here.

Disc Two, Day, features a selection of slower tracks, a much more downtempo, and atmospheric, selection of tracks. Among the tracks featured here, you will find tracks from Eighty Mile Beach, Don T, Jade Alexis and Mike Monday. This is the perfect disc if all you want to do is sit back and relax. These tracks will allow you to do that, taking your mind on an aural journey, to places you have never experienced before.

This compilation features tracks that are perfect for the dance-floor, and others that you can relax to. It is an up-to-date compilation of the type of music Om Records are currently releasing. It is an album that is well worth buying, and is packed full of quality music.


I have thoroughly enjoyed researching, and writing this article. It is always a pleasure to listen to the music on Om Records. This has been a perfect opportunity to re-acquaint myself with some of their music that I had not listened to for a while. It has been difficult choosing just a few of their releases to write about, as there are so many great albums I could have picked to write about. Maybe in the future, I will have to write about some more of the fantastic music on this label. What I hope that this article has done, is in introduce you to some music you were not aware of. If you had heard of Om Records before, I hope this article has encouraged you to have another look at this label’s music, as they have released so much good music since 1995. Should you decide to explore the music on this label, all I can say is enjoy the music, and have fun discovering some wonderful new music.

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