2012 proved to be a good year for Offering Recordings, which was founded by Boddhi Satva. Offering Recordings established a reputation as an innovative and up-and-coming labels. Key to Offering Recordings’ success, is their never ending search for new artists. Previously, Offering Recordings have discovered Idrissa Sissoko in Mali and Ade Alafia Adio in the Netherlands. Another of Offering Recordings’ signings is DJ producer Punk whose new E.P. I Can’t Wait will soon be released. Before I tell you about Punk’s six track E.P. I Can’t Wait, I’ll tell you about Punk’s career so far.

Although DJ producer Joseph Mbedzi is only twenty, as Punk, he’s already released several remixes and an original track on Offering Recordings’ Summer Solstice Voyage compilation. Punk, who was born in Limpop, South Africa, also featured on Offering Recordings’ Ade Sampler 2012. His contribution to Offering Recordings Ade Sampler 2012 was I Can’t Wait, which was one of the compilation’s highlights. So it’s fitting that I Can’t Wait will be released as an E.P. Together with the original mix, there’s the Radio Edit, two Dub Mixes, an Instrumental Mix, two Marlon D mixes and the Keyapella Mix. So not only do you hear Punk’s original version, but six remixes which transform the track, breathing new life and meaning into the original.

Punk’s I Can’t Wait features Magic Soul’s vocal talents. It’s a track with a real contemporary sound. If you think house with a healthy sprinkling of percussion, a twist of African Roots and plenty of drama you’re getting close. Here, drums equal drama, while the stabs of keyboards give the track a warmth. When the drums, percussion and keyboards unite with the joyous and heartfelt vocals, the track heads in the direction of house. Percussion gives the track a jazzy or Latin house feel. What makes this one of the highlights of Offering Recordings Ade Sampler 2012 are they vocals. They’re joyous and heartfelt cascading above the percussive heavy arrangement and are crucial to the track’s sound and success.

Having told you about the Original Mix of I Can’t Wait, there’s the Radio Edit which Offering Recordings hope will result in I Can’t Wait receiving radio play. What was originally a seven-minute track, becomes a four-minute radio friendly track. Given its quality, the Radio Edit of I Can’t Wait should be coming to a radio near you.

Of the other five remixes, Marlon D provides two of them. His D Main Mix breathes new life, meaning and energy into the original track. The Marlon D Instrumental Mix features thunderous drums that add to drama. Combined with melodic washes of synths, you loose yourself in this warm, uplifting track. Quite simply, the next eight minutes fly past, thanks to Marlon D’s remixing skills.

The other three remixes approach the original track in different ways. There’s a spacious, laid-back Afro House sound and feel to the Instrumental Mix. It unfolds in waves, using the galloping drums and stabs of synths. With the Keyepella Mix, it unfolds in waves. It’s as if the remix as is shy about revealing its secrets and subtleties. The synths play an important role, that is until the vocal reveals its beauty. Heartfelt, needy and soulful, it sweeps in. That proves a game-changer. It results in a remix that totally transforms the original track, transforming the original into something quite melodic and beautiful. The last remix of the six remixes in Punk I Can’t Wait E.P. is the Dub Remix. Here pounding drums and percussion take centre-stage. They provide the track’s Afro House influence. Having built and built the drama, the synths sweep in, providing a melodic, laid-back contrast. Gradually, the Dub Remix reveals its hidden depths and secrets, providing a satisfying and dance-floor friendly way to close Punk’s I Can’t Wait E.P.

Punk’s I Can’t Wait E.P. is a compelling introduction to a hugely talented twenty year-old soul singer. For me, it’s a tantalizing taste of what’s to come from Punk. What really makes the track, is the soulful strains of Magic Soul. They’re blessed with one of the most soulful voices I’ve heard in the past few years. The I Can’t Wait E.P. doesn’t just feature the original version of I Can’t Wait, but a radio edit and five remixes. Every one of the five remixes breathes new life, meaning and energy into the original track. It’s a fascinating musical journey, that’s uplifting, joyous and deeply soulful. Each remixers starting point was the track’s stems. After that, they had the freedom to reinvent the original track. In doing so, they pay homage to the soulful strains of Punk’s I Can’t Wait. They bring something new, imaginative and innovative to the original version of I Can’t Wait. The five remixes are of the highest quality. Not only are they professional and accomplished remixes of a deeply soulful track, but each remix is innovative and imaginative. These five remixes, plus the radio edit and original version of I Can’t Wait, will soon be released on Offering Recordings. Punk’s I Can’t Wait, featuring the soulful delights of Magic Soul, is the latest success from Boddhi Satva’s Offering Recordings. Once listen to Punk’s I Can’t wait and I’m sure you’ll agree.


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