Over the past thirty-five years, Scotland has produced some of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful bands in British music. From the tail-end of the seventies, Scottish bands have been trailblazers, producing music that’s innovative and ahead of the musical curve. This stared with Postcard Records, who introduced the world to the Sound of Young Scotland and groups like Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, Josef K and The Go-Betweens. Incredibly, that was just the start of an outpouring of creativity.

Scottish bands were about to provide the soundtrack to much of the eighties and nineties. Next up were the Associates, Blue Nile, Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, Hipsway, The Big Dish and Deacon Blue. That’s not forgetting Belle and Sebastien, The Bathers, Primal Scream, Franz Ferdinand, Edwyn Collins and Joe McAlinden. Never mind Manchester, Liverpool or London, Scotland were the Kings of indie rock and where every A&R rep headed in search of the latest indie rock sensation. That’s still the case, with A&R reps taking an interest in a four piece band whose members hail from Dumfries and Falkirk…Shooting Stansfield.

To trace Shooting Stansfield’s origins, we’ve got to head back to the recent revival in the popularity of indie folk. That’s when the four members of Shooting Stansfield decided to form a band. Shooting Stansfield’s four members are lead singer and guitarist Stewart Douglas, Stephen Whipp guitarist and vocalist, bassist Craig Robertson and drummer David Steel. Shooting Stansfield are based in Edinburgh, but its four members were born in Dumfries and Falkirk. Now four years after Shooting Stansfield were formed in 2009, their hard work, dedication and talent is paying off.

Since Shooting Stansfield formed, they’ve established a reputation for what’s been described as “melodic guitar driven, lyrically rich tunes.” Proof of this are the three EPs Shooting Stansfield have released. Their debut E.P. was 2010s Human Static E.P, which showcases Shooting Stansfield’s talent. From the opening bars of Modern Warfare, through Human Static and Pulse, you realize Shooting Stansfield are  a group with a big future. They’re a tight, talented and accomplished group, capable of writing intelligent, eloquent lyrics. This music is fusion of indie-rock and folk, with intelligent, memorable and anthemic lyrics are played and sang by a tight, talented band.

A year after releasing their debut E.P. Human Static in 2010, Shooting Stansfield released their sophomore E.P. Endeavour in 2011. The four tracks, Cameras and Lights, Wood For The Trees, Endeavour and Cards demonstrated how Shooting Stansfield had grown as musicians and songwriters. After that, Shooting Stansfield continued to tour, playing concerts in Glasgow and Edinburgh. This has benefited them, allowing Shooting Stansfield to continually hone their sound and grow as musicians.

By February 2012, when Shooting Stansfield released The Cottage Sessions, which featured In The Passing and Boxes, it was obvious they’d continued to grow as a group. Shooting Stansfield’s music is best described as a tight, accomplished fusion of indie-rock tinged and folk, with a healthy supply of poppy hooks. It’s music that’s highly memorable, often anthemic and hook-laden. Quite simply, Shooting Stansfield write great songs and deliver them with emotion and passion. 

Now into their fourth year as a band, a lot is happening to Shooting Stansfield. Their third E.P. Greater Or Lesser is due for release. Even better, I hear that record companies are starting to take an interest in Shooting Stansfield. That’s no surprise. given how talented a group Shooting Stansfield are. Any group that write as good songs as Shooting Stansfield and play them with such passion and conviction, deserve to have a great future ahead of them. Let’s just hope that Shooting Stansfield will follow in the footsteps of Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, Blue Nile, Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, The Bathers and Joe McAlinden and enjoy similar critical acclaim and commercial success. Given how talented songwriters and musicians Shooting Stansfield are, that wouldn’t be a surprise.



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