Hardly a day goes past without me receiving press releases about artists who have “a big future ahead of them.” Sadly, that’s often wishful thinking. Either that, or the result of an over exuberant P.R. company. Not in the case of Serena Kern. Serena Kern is the real deal. She has a big future ahead of her. However, London-based lawyer, Serena Kern might seem an unlikely singer. That’s not the case though.

From an early age, music has played an important part in Serena Kern’s life. She  grew up in the mountains of Southern India, where Serena listened to Tamil film music and later, Bollywood music. Serena’s father travelled widely, and brought Serena a selection of Western music. This was the music that provided the soundtrack to the early part of Serena’s life.

In  2005, Serena had just finished college, and was awaiting the results of  her IGCSE exam.  Serena achieved the highest marks in the IGCSE exam in India in 2005. This resulted in Serena heading to one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Next stop for Serena was the prestigious London School of Economics. Having graduated, Serena secured a position with one of the top global law firms in London. Somehow, she manages to juggle a high pressure position in a firm of international lawyers with her music career.

Over the last few years, Serena Kern has been winning friends with her unique brand of soulful pop.  So much so, that Serena has a large fan base worldwide. Many of them will have heard Serena’s 2011 debut album Sui Generis. However, her fan base is sure to increase with the release of Serena’s I Lied E.P. on 7th May 2014.

From the opening bars of I Lied, you’re captivated by a soul-baring, impassioned and emotive vocal from Serena. It’s accompanied by a slick, polished arrangement. This compliments Serena’s vocal perfectly and showcases Serena Kern’s unique brand of soulful pop. There’s more to I Lied than one track. Much more.

Lullaby is quite different from I Lied. It features a tender, ethereal vocal from Serena. Wistful and dreamy describes her vocal. As for the arrangement, it’s understated with just an acoustic guitar and drums played with brushes accompanying Serena.

The rueful Better to Have Loved is another ballad, but has an Indian influence. Serena breathes life and meaning into the lyrics. It’s as if she’s lived, loved and survived the pain and hurt. With a delicious fusion of influences, Better to Have Loved, which is a track from Serena’s 2011 debut album Sui Generis, shows what Serena is capable of.

For those yet to discover Serena Kern, her I Lied E.P. is the perfect introduction to a hugely talented singer-songwriter. I Lied Is the next chapter in the Serena Kern story. The Swiss-Indian singer-songwriter has come a long way since her 2011 debut album  Sui Generis.

Serena has won over a whole host of new fans. They’ve been captivated by her autobiographical songs. Serena breathes life, meaning and emotion into each song. She becomes a storyteller. Each of Serena’s songs tell a story. They’re a snapshot into her world. Serena’s songs are also wistful, beautiful, ethereal, pensive and powerful. That’s why Serena Kern has a big future ahead of her. 

After the release of I Lied on 7th May 2014  you’ll be hearing a lot more from Serena Kern. Who knows, maybe Serena Kern will be swapping her law books for a full-time musical career? Let’s hope so.



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