For Dan Whitehouse, 2016 has been without doubt, one of the most important and successful years of his eighteen year career. This began when Dan Whitehouse signed to Reveal Records. On April 22nd 2016, Dan Whitehouse released his Reveal Records’ debut Introducing. It was a mixture of new songs and cover versions, which showcased a truly talented troubadour. However, Introducing was just a tantalising taste of what Dan Whitehouse was capable of. The main event was the studio album he was in the process of recording.

Less than five months later, and Dan Whitehouse released That’s Where I Belong on the 2nd of September 2016. The track lent its name to the album was a hook laden, joyous anthem. It was just one the tracks that showcased Dan Whitehouse’s considerable talents as a singer,  songwriter and storyteller. That’s also the case with Dan Whitehouse’s latest E.P.s. 

Most artists are content to release one E.P. at a time. Not Dan Whitehouse. Instead, Reveal Records have released a quartet of Dan Whitehouse E.P.s on CD. These E.P.s are entitled E.P. 1, E.P. 2, E.P. 3 and the Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P. These four E.P.s feature a total of twenty-five songs, and include Dan Whitehouse compositions and cover versions. They’re the most recent addition to Dan Whitehouse’s burgeoning back-catalogue. That’s not surprising, as Dan Whitehouse’scareer began back in 1998.

That was when nineteen year old Dan Whitehouse joined  Naomi, a local band. Dan was a member of the band for two years, but left in 2000 to join the rock band Sonara. 

Dan Whitehouse became Sonara’s frontman, and was a member of the band until 2007. During this period, Sonara played at the prestigious Reading Festival. However, by 2007 Dan announced he was leaving Sonara, to embark upon a solo career.

For the first two years of his career, Dan Whitehouse spent time writing songs, honing sound and playing live. This was akin to a musical apprenticeship. After two years, Dan felt confident enough to releases his debut E.P. 

When Dan Whitehouse released The Balloon E,P. in early 2009, it featured seven tracks. This Dan explained, was only the first in a trilogy of E.P.s  They would examine a variety of themes, including “life, love, loss and happiness.” The second instalment in the trilogy, followed later in 2009.

The Bubble E.P. picked up where The Balloon E,P. left off, examining “life, love, loss and happiness.” One of the most beautiful tracks on The Bubble E.P. was You Can’t Give Me Anymore. Unsurprisingly, it caught the attention of few discerning critics.  Suddenly, people were taking notice of the young singer-songwriter. This included veteran pedal steel player B.J. Cole, who made a guest appearance on The Bubble E.P. This was be the start of a long working relationship between the pair that continues today.

Later in 2009, Dan Whitehouse released The Box EP., which was the final instalment in the trilogy. This brought the examination “life, love, loss and happiness” to an eloquent and heartfelt end.  Now surely, Dan’s thoughts would turn to his debut album?

Surprisingly, it wasn’t until 2012 that Dan Whitehouse returned with his eponymous debut album. It had been in Dan’s flat, and featured  mainly acoustic instruments. This worked though, and allowed Dan’s vocal to take centre-stage. Five years after embarking upon a solo career, Dan Whitehouse had released his debut album. His sophomore album followed the in 2013.

When work began on Reaching For A State of Mind, Dan Whitehouse found himself in a recording studio with a full band. The band featured some familiar faces. This included P.J. Wright from Fairport Convention; Ezio guitarist Booga. percussionist Chip Bailey and Helen Lancaster of The Old Dance School. This all-star band accompanied Dan in the eleven tracks that became Reaching For A State of Mind. It was released in autumn 2013.

Reaching For A State Of Mind was a genre sprawling album. Despite several folk musicians in Dan’s band, the album featured everything from Americana, folk, pop, rock and roots. Critics felt that Reaching For A State of Mind was a much more refined and polished album.  It was launched in Dan’s adopted hometown of Birmingham, at the city’s Crescent Theatre. However, it wasn’t just Reaching For A State of Mind that was being launched, but  Dan Whitehouse’s career.

Over the next year, Dan Whitehouse’s star was in the ascendancy. He spent the year touring and recording. Dan released his third album Raw State in 2013. It was well received by critics, and found Dan maturing as a singer and songwriter.Then later in 2014, Dan released the Reaching Further For A State of Mind E.P. It featured unreleased  songs recorded during the Further For A State of Mind sessions. However, by then, Dan was on tour.

This included touring North America with German-American singer-songwriter Anja McCloskey. The pair even released the Still E.P. together. Then in August 2014, Dan played at the Moseley Folk Festival. He took to the stage after a set by The Felice Brothers, but quickly won the audience over. By the end of his set, Dan had the audience eating out of his hands. Watching from the wings was Richard Thompson, who followed Dan. The grand old man of British folk realised that he was watching one of genre’s rising stars. However, Dan was no stranger to working with some of the biggest names in music.

Over the years, Dan Whitehouse has toured with some major names. This includes Peter Green, 10CC, Maria McKee, World Party and Julian Cope. Dan has also opened for Josh Ritter, Caitlin Rose, Joseph Arthur, Willy Mason and Simone Felice since he embarked upon a solo career in 2007. Recently, Dan Whitehouse has toured with Eddi Reader, and opened for Kris Drever on his U.K. tour.

By the time Dan Whitehouse headed out on tour with Kris Drever, he had released his first album for Tom Rose’s Reveal Records. Introducing is a limited edition CD which features eight tracks from Dan Whitehouse. They’re a mixture of cover versions and songs penned by Dan Whitehouse.


Among the songs on Introducing penned by Dan Whitehouse, are That’s When I Belong, The Places We Have Been, Work and CCC.  Apart from Work, which is a Radio Edit, the other three tracks are a taster of Dan’s forthcoming album. The other four tracks were recorded live at Kyoti Studios, in Glasgow without any overdubbing. This includes Dan’s duet with Jess Morgan on Close Up, which Boo Hewerdine cowrote. Other tracks include covers of The Cowboy Junkies’ Sun Comes Up, Its Tuesday Morning and Chris Wood’s Two Widows. These track introduce Dan Whitehouse on Introducing.

Dan Whitehouse’s Reveal Records’ debut Introducing, was his fourth album. It was released on 22nd April 2016, and showcased a truly talented singer-songwriter. However, Introducing was just the equivalent of a musical amuse-bouche. The main course now is about to be served, and That’s Where I Belong is a veritable musical feast.dan_whitehouse_-_introducing_-_cd_-_hires

That’s Where I Belong,

Now signed to Reveal Records, Dan Whitehouse began working on his debut album. He has been writing songs for the best part of twenty years, and draws inspiration from various types of music, including  Americana and folk music. Many of Dan Whitehouse’s songs have a cinematic quality, as he paints pictures with his lyrics. These stories take shape in the space of three or four minutes, and leave a lasting memory. Other times, Dan Whitehouse’s song are observational.

Dan Whitehouse is a people watcher, who often, tells other people’s stories. On Close Up, Dan tells the story of refugees, displaced from their homeland. CCC and Little Left Unsaid deal with subjects like anxiety and mental health. Other times, Dan Whitehouse’s songs are reflective and poignant. He sings about subjects like family and love, and loss and compassion. It seems that singer, songwriter and storyteller Dan Whitehouse had drawn inspiration from a variety of sources for the nine songs he penned for That’s Where I Belong. These songs were recorded in Glasgow and London.

Recording of That’s Where I Belong took place at Reservoir Studios in London and at Kyoti Studios in Glasgow. Producing the That’s Where I Belong were Danny Wilson and Chris Clarke. Joining Dan Whitehouse when recording began, were veteran pedal and lap steel player B.J.Cole and folk singer Jess Morgan. She duets with Dan on Close Up. Once That’s Where I Belong was complete, there was no rest for Dan Whitehouse. 

Instead, Dan Whitehouse headed out on tour with Kris Drever, and opened for him on his UK tour. This was perfect publicity for That’s Where I Belong. Meanwhile, That’s Where I Belong had been released to critical acclaim. It seemed that after all the years of struggling to make a breakthrough, Dan Whitehouse’s star was in the ascendancy. That’s Where I Belong was regarded as his finest album, and a welcome addition to his back-catalogue. Se are the quartet of E.P.s that have just been released by Reveal Records. 

E.P. 1.

The first in the quartet of Reveal Records E.P.s is unsurprisingly,  E.P. 1 It features five songs, which are a mixture of Dan Whitehouse compositions and cover versions. They included Matthew Sweet’s Your Sweet Love and Nada Surf’s Inside Of Love. Dan’s compositions included an old favourite That’s Where I Belong, which was the title-track of his recent album. They’re joined by two new songs, My Anchor and Tethered Together. These songs were recorded at Kyoti Studios in Glasgow, which previously, has been a happy hunting ground. That’s where parts of Introducing and That’s Where I Belong were recorded. 

What better way to open E.P. 1, than with the radio edit of That’s Where I Belong. It’s an irresistible, hook laden and joyous anthem that’s radio friendly. It sets the bar high for the rest of E.P. 1. 

Your Sweet Voice is a tender and beautiful ballad, where the sparse arrangement allows the vocal to take centre-stage. That’s where it belongs. It’s a similar case with Dan’s cover of Nada Surf’s Inside Of Love. Against the understated arrangement,  Inside Of My Love becomes a soul-baring ballad in Dan Whitehouse’s hands. It’s another beautiful addition to E.P.  1. After the two cover versions, Dan showcases two excliusive songs.

The first is My Anchor, the first of the two exclusive songs on E.P. 1. Americana and country seem to have influenced Dan on this ballad. A piano and guitar play leading roles, while Dan’s vocal is akin to a confession, as he sings: “you are My Anchor.” Closing E.P. 1. is Tethered Together, which features a carefully crafted arrangement.  Dan’s band and harmonies accompany him as he delivers a heartfelt and soulful vocal, on a truly memorable song. It’s another radio friendly song, that hopefully, will find its way onto Dan’s next album. However, before that, Dan’s thought’s turned to another E.P.


E.P. 2.

This was E.P. 2, which features fives songs penned by Dan Whitehouse. This includes Nothing’s Gonna Change It and four exclusive songs. Just like the two previous E.P.s, they were recorded at Kyoti Studios, in Glasgow. That was where Dan enjoyed one of his finest moments.

That’s Nothing’s Gonna Change a truly irresistible, anthemic and radio friendly song. It was without doubt, one of the highlights of That’s Where I Belong, so sets the bar high for the four exclusive songs.

This includes Somebody Loves You, which features some powerful and insightful lyrics. They’re part of what sounds like a very personal song, which has a confessional quality. Maybe Dan, or someone close to him has experienced and lived through what he’s singing about? Pebbles is piano lead ballad, where Dan lays bare his hurt and heartbreak. The Fire Of Lust is a song which showcases Dan’s ability to write cinematic lyrics. They unfold against, an spartan arrangement and show how two people’s lives can be changed in an instant. Coin which closes E.P. 2 is another ballad, where an acoustic guitar accompanies Dan as he delivers a tender, heartfelt vocal that’s full of emotion. It’s a beautiful track from a truly talented singer, songwriter and storyteller, Dan Whitehouse. When he recorded E.P. 2, he  was enjoying one of the most productive years of his career, and this would continue.


E.P. 3

Having released two albums and two E.P.s during 2016, Dan Whitehouse decided to add to his burgeoning back-catalogue. So he headed to Kyoti Studios in Glasgow, and recorded five songs. This included five songs, including  a cover of Ron Sexsmith’s These Days, and three songs written by Dan. This includes two versions of You Brought The Sunshine and CCC, which both featured on That’s Where I Belong. The other two songs, Looking For A Way Out Of My Head and There’s A Lot Of Things I Don’t Understand were exclusive to E.P. 3. These songs show different sides to Dan Whitehouse.

What better way to open E.P. 3 than with the radio edit of You Brought The Sunshine. Dan Whitehouse combines  power and emotion on what’s akin to a confessional, as the song heads firmly into anthem territory. The other version of You Brought The Sunshine was recorded live at Kyoti Studios in Glasgow. Its arrangement is sparse, with Dan entering troubadour territory as he delivers an impassioned, emotive vocal. With just a guitar for company, Dan reinvents the song. It’s a similar case with CCC, which was another of That’s Where I Belong’s anthems. Again, the understated arrangement allows Dan to breath new life and meaning into the song. This Dan does with his beautiful cover of Ron Sexsmith’s These Days that bristles with emotion.  However, this isn’t the end of E.P. 3.

There’s still the two exclusive songs left. This includes Looking For A Way Out Of My Head, where Dan’s joined by his band. Hooks certainly haven’t been rationed, on what’s a powerful song that showcases Dan’s talents as a singer and songwriter. So does There’s A Lot Of Things I Don’t Understand, which closes E.P. 3. Dan’s in a thoughtful and reflective mood, as his vocal sometimes veers towards a soliloquy. Later, though, the arrangement builds, and a wistful horn plays its part in a memorable fusion of pop and folk. It’s sure to whet the listener’s appetite for E.P. 4.


E.P. 4-Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P..

Unlike the three previous E.P.s, the fourth E.P. is made up entirely of cover versions. Each of the nine songs on the Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P.  were penned by another Reveal Records’ artist, Boo Hewerdine. He wrote six of the songs, and cowrote the other three. Only one of these songs have been released before, Close Up which featured on That’s Where I Belong. Just like the rest of the songs, it was recorded in Glasgow, at Kyoti Studios by troubadour Dan Whitehouse.

Opening Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P. is Hunger. Its arrangement is spartan and spacious, with guitars and a mesmeric keyboard accompanying Dan’s heartfelt, questioning vocal.  This is a taste of the delights that are in-store for listeners.

Washes of guitar disappear into the distance, as Dan strums his guitar and delivers a wistful, emotive vocal on The Birds Are Leaving. Then on the country-tinged Last Cigarette,   Dan delivers a vocal that’s tinged with sadness and has a worldweary quality. He sounds as if he’s living the lyrics, which in his hands, take on new meaning. It’s a smiler story on Graceland, with its spartan arrangement. Dan’s vocal veers between emotive and urgent, as he displays frustration and melancholia. His finest moment on Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P. is Close Up. It’s a beautiful, moving, country-tinged ballad where Dan is joined by Jess Morgan. This balladry continues throughout the rest of Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P.

Follow My Tears is another ballad, which is something that Dan Whitehouse excels at. This time, his vocal is tender and heartfelt vocal, but bristling with emotion. Just like previous songs, it’s a case of less is more when it comes to the almost jaunty arrangement. It’s the perfect accompaniment to Dan’s vocal. That’s the case on Wild Wild Wind, where an electric guitar adds a rockier sound. Meanwhile, Dan opens up and delivers a soul-baring confessional.  He then gives thanks on It’s A Beautiful Night, which is without doubt one of the most beautiful and joyous songs on Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P. It closes with Bars, where Dan dawns the role of troubadour on this duet, and paints pictures with lyrics that are rich in imagery and emotion. What better way is there to close  Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P., which is the fourth E.P. Dan has released for Reveal Records?

These four E.P.s showcase the considerable talents of troubadour Dan Whitehouse. He’s equally at home delivering cover versions and his own compositions. Similarly, Dan can seamlessly switch between delivering uptempo anthems and ballads. That was the case on Introducing and That’s Where I Belong. It’s also the case on the four E.P.s. Among the anthems on the E.Ps are That’s Where I Belong,  Nothing’s Gonna Change and You Brought The Sunshine. These are among the finest songs that Dan has penned. However, he’s also a talented balladeer.  

It’s no exaggeration to say that Dan Whitehouse is a truly talented singer, songwriter and storyteller. Almost effortlessly, he breathes meaning and emotion into carefully crafted songs. Their lyrics tell a series of stories, that often have a cinematic quality. Often, it seems Dan draws inspiration from his own life. Other times, Dan provides a voice for those who have none. This includes on Close Up, where Dan tells the story of refugees, displaced from their homeland. Then on CCC  Dan deals with subjects like anxiety and mental health. Other times, Dan Whitehouse’s songs are reflective and poignant. He sings about subjects like family and love, and loss and compassion. Dan it seems, has drawn inspiration from a variety of sources. It’s a similar case with music that has influenced Dan.

Elements of Americana, country, folk, pop, rock and soul can be heard on That’s Where I Belong. So can the influences of artists like Bob Dylan and Ry Cooder. Both artists have influenced Dan. So has Boo Hewerdine, whose music Dan covers on the Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P. He brings new meaning to the nine songs, which in some cases, are like short stories which Dan narrates. Framing his vocals are spartan arrangements, which prove hugely effective and show another side to the songs on Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P. It’s the fourth and final E.P. that Dan is releasing just now, and brings to an end what’s been the most productive years of his eleven year solo career. 

Dan Whitehouse has spent the last eighteen years making music.

However, since he embarked upon his solo career in 2007, Dan has been working towards making a commercial breakthrough. With every album and E.P., Dan Whitehouse is one step nearer making a commercial breakthrough. When it does, it will be richly deserved. 

Hopefully, that will be soon. Dan Whitehouse deserves to enjoy adulation, commercial success and critical acclaim. He’s served his musical apprenticeship, and spent years honing his skills as a singer and songwriter. That’s been time well spent. Troubadour Dan Whitehouse Dan Whitehouse has an abundance of talent.That’s apparent in the music that he has released during 2016. From Introducing and That’s Where I Belong, through to E.P. 1, E.P. 2, E.P. 3 and Dan Whitehouse Sings Boo E.P. All this wonderful music should introduce singer, songwriter and storyteller to a much wider audience, who will embrace his hook-laden anthems and beautiful ballads.



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