Moster!-States Of Mind. 

Label: Hubro Music.

In March 2015, Norwegian supergroup Moster! released their third album third album When You Cut Into The Present to widespread critical  acclaim and hailed as a career defining release. Now three years later and Moster! return with their much-anticipated fourth album States Of Mind which has just been released on Hubro Music. States Of Mind is another groundbreaking album of genre-melting music from Moster!. 

The Moster! story began in 2010, when Bushman’s Revenge saxophonist and bandleader Kjetil Møster decided to found a new group. Møster! was never intended to be a supergroup, but that was how it turned out.

Møster! was an accidental supergroup after Kjetil Møster brought onboard three of Norway’s most talented musicians. This included Motorpsycho and Grand Central drummer, Kenneth Kapstad. He was joined by two members of Elephant9, including keyboardist Ståle Storløkken and bassist Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen, whose also a member of Big Bang. With Møster’s lineup complete, the made their debut at one Norway’s most prestigious festivals, the Kongsberg Jazz Festival in 2010.  

Not many new bands get the opportunity to start launch their career at such a prestigious event, but Møster! did. Having taken the Kongsberg Jazz Festival by storm, Møster! left the stage to a standing ovation. Critics believed that it was time before Kjetil Møster’s new band would release their debut album. Sadly, they were wrong.

 Edvard Lygre Møster

Three long years passed, before Møster! released their long-awaited debut album Edvard Lygre Møster, on Hubro Music in 2013. Looking back, this isn’t surprising. The four members of Møster! have other musical commitments, so finding time to record Møster!’s debut album wasn’t easy. However Edvard Lygre Møster was worth the wait,

Critical acclaim accompanied Møster!’s much-anticipated debut album Edvard Lygre Møster which was later hailed as one of the finest Norwegian albums of 2013. By then, Møster!’s music was finding an audience much further afield.

As 2013 drew to a close, Edvard Lygre Møster had found its way into New York City Jazz Records’ top ten jazz albums. Then when Prog Magazine published its list of the best albums of 2013, Edvard Lygre Møster was at number six. This was just the start of the Møster story.  

Eagerly, critics, cultural commentators and music lovers awaited Møster’s next move. The next hurdle they had to overcome was their sophomore album, or what’s often referred to by critics as “the difficult second album.” 

Inner Earth

When Møster began work on their sophomore album is Inner Earth, their was a new face in the studio. This was Motorpsycho guitarist Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan. He joined saxophonist and bandleader Kjetil Møster and the rhythm section of drummer Kenneth Kapstad and bassist Nikolai Hængsle Eilertsen. This was the lineup of Møster that wrote and recorded Inner Earth. 

Just like their debut album, Inner Earth was released to widespread critical acclaim. The music was an ambitious and innovative fusion of moods, textures and musical genres. It veered between dreamy, futuristic, lysergic and otherworldly to cinematic and melodic on the musical journey that was  Inner Earth. Moster! had just released one of the best Norwegian albums of 2014;

After the release of Inner Earth, Møster! embarked upon what was a gruelling touring schedule. They toured with Norwegian-American band Young Mothers, and  On that tour, Møster! worked hard, honing and tightening their sound even further and this paid off.

When You Cut Into The Present.

During a three-day break from their tour, Moster! entered the studio and recorded their third album When You Cut Into The Present which was released in November 2015, 

When You Cut Into The Present found Møster! making huge strides on an album of hard rocking music. They kick loose from the opening bars of Nebula and Red Giant and never let go until the closing notes of Soundhouse Rumble. In between, listeners were treated a glorious assault on the sensory system which unleashes endorphins aplenty. This comes courtesy of those genre-melting innovators Møster!, and their critically acclaimed, career-defining third album When You Cut Into the Present.

States Of Mind. 

After releasing a  critically acclaimed and career defining album as When You Cut Into the Present, Moster began work on States Of Mind in the autumn of 2016, It looked like Moster wouldn’t be long before they returned with their fourth album in early 2017

The first recording session for States Of Mind took place between the ‘29th’ October and ‘2nd’ of November 2016 at Duper Studio, Bergen Kjøtt. Engineering the sessions was Jorgen Træen, who plays modular synths and lap steel guitar during the first States Of Mind sessions. 

Six months later, the States Of Mind sessions resumed on the ‘9th’ May and concluded the ‘12th’ May 2017. By then, Moster had recorded ten tracks that became States Of Mind. It showcases Moster’s new sound.

States Of Mind was no ordinary album and was  a groundbreaking release. It’s a double album which features two LPs that were conceived on what can only described as a grand scale. The ccontents include group improvisations and spontaneous compositions which sit side-by-side with themes written by one or two members of Moster or those they’ve been collaborating with. The result is new and innovative music from musical chameleons Moster.

Essentially States Of Mind combines Moster’s old sound with a new, ambitious and innovative album where freeform rock, gutbucket blues and harmolodic funk is fused by Moster and guest artist Jorgen Træe  with contemporary  jazz, experimental rock, free jazz and improv.To do this, Moster deploy a myriad of disparate instruments and effects.

While the rhythm section lock down the groove, a wailing saxophones is unleashed and are combined with everything from a clarinet,  electronics and percussion to modular synths and lap steel guitar. This is all part of the musical tapestry that Moster weaved over two sessions and became States Of Mind. 

During the two seasons, Moster and Jorgen Træen, created the ten tracks on States Of Mind which in innovative album of new and ambitious music. It’s also an album were many tracks are hardly indebted to music’s past. As a result, the music has a freshness as Moster become musical pioneers on States Of Mind.On other tracks Moster reference music’s pas on genre-melting tracks.

The music on States Of Mind finds Moster play with an intensity during what are best described full-on, and sometimes challenging jams where the band head in the direction of experimental rock, rather that what purists would define as jazz in the broadest sense orb the word.

Having said that, listen closer to States Of Mind, and the saxophone sounds similar to Duke Ellington’s “jungle music” and the  Texas hands Ornette Coleman once played in before becoming one of the legends of jazz. 

By then, Coleman Hawkins just like John Coltrane and Albert Ayler were among those whip adopted the tough tenor sound which play a part in the Moster sound. It adds more than a degree of intensity similar to John Coltrane on States Of Mind which is another genre-melting album by Moster,

They combine mesmeric electric blues and boogie on States Of Mind which features electronica,  experiential rock, funk, improv, jazz and rock. States Of Mind which is an extraordinary album. It features the musical amuse bouche Plate Sized Eyes when lasts a minute to the twenty-minute epic Brainwave Entrainment and What A Flop  Waking Up which closes States Of Mind which is Moster’s groundbreaking genre-melting opus where they continue to reach new heights. 

Moster! States Of Mind.

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